Letter to Parents/Guardians about Bus Stop Changes

Printable Version of Letter to Parents/Guardians about Bus Stop Changes

To:  West Genesee Parents and Guardians
From: Paul E. Pelton, Assistant Superintendent
RE: Enhanced Process for Morning (AM Pickup) Bus Stop Changes
Date: March 7, 2019

On February 14, 2019 we had a situation where an unauthorized person boarded a school bus.  We certainly have the same concerns that many of you have shared with us regarding this situation.  While this has never happened before, one time is too many.

Over the February break week we reviewed all of our procedures and training programs.  This process was completed with input from our drivers, transportation staff, building and district level administration.  Our drivers were provided additional instruction and tools to use should they ever encounter a similar situation prior to returning from February break.  A follow up meeting was held on February 25, 2019.

After lengthy discussion, we are comfortable that our change of bus process in the afternoon works very well.  That process will not change.

  1. Students will continue to bring a note from their parent/guardian to their building office.
  2. The office will provide the student with a “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment” pass.
  3. If your child does not have a note, they must either be picked up by an authorized person or ride their regular school bus.

We do feel that our morning change of bus process can be enhanced.  We are finding that these situations arise due to fluctuating work schedules of parents/guardians, personal family situations and sometimes even mid-week sleepovers for educational purposes like group assignments, etc.  For these purposes we have developed a new bus pass which can be found on our website at the following link.


We have enclosed a pass that can be utilized to make copies should you not have access to technology in your home.  The process to get an approved pass for the mornings will require advanced planning. 

  1. The temporary address must be in the same attendance area that your child goes to school.
  2. Submit the pass to your child’s school building main office at least one day in advance.
  3. The building office will return an approved copy of the pass to your child that day.
  4. The school building will forward a copy of the pass to the transportation office staff.
  5. The transportation office will provide a copy of the pass to the “temporary” driver.
  6. Your child must present their approved pass to the bus driver to board the bus.
  7. High school students should have their school ID’s available for verification.

We do understand that emergencies may occur after school hours that are out of your control and may necessitate a need for your child to be transported from a different location than their regularly assigned stop in the morning.  In these instances, parents/guardians must make alternative arrangements to transport their children for the day.

It is our hope that this will strengthen our morning procedures with the goal of preventing a similar situation from happening again.  We will continue to work with our drivers and building staff to provide them the best possible training in situational awareness and procedural guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this enhanced morning procedure, please do not hesitate to contact me at ppelton@westgenesee.org or 315-487-4563.

If you have any trouble accessing the PDF documents on this page, please contact the Publications Office at publications@westgenesee.org or call (315) 487-2179.