Transportation – General Policies/Guidelines

Transportation Guidelines

This information is being provided to you by the Transportation Department in an effort to establish clear guidelines for appropriate student behavior and expectations regarding the safe transportation of students.

Please review this material with your child! If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (315) 487-4576.

The primary responsibility of a school bus driver is to safely transport students.

Road concentration is essential to safe driving. A higher probability of accidents occurring happens the lower the level of driver road concentration.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be on time to the school bus stop: wait for the bus back from the road: wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before moving towards it.
  • Be respectful of the property of others at the bus stop.
  • Follow proper crossing and discharge procedures when entering & exiting the bus.
  • Enter and exit the bus in an orderly manner.
  • Take a seat as quickly as possible and remain seated during the entire ride.
  • Do not throw anything inside or out of the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean.
  • Do not bring articles that create a hazard, such as water guns, matches, etc.
  • Keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times: if you carry a musical instrument or school project, you must make sure it will fit on your lap in the seat with you.
  • Do not distract the bus driver.
  • Use proper conduct; horseplay or fighting will not be tolerated.
  • Know all the emergency procedures.
  • Obey all the driver’s instructions.
  • Report concerns to the bus driver, parent, principal, or teacher.


Bus Conduct

Disciplinary procedure for bus privileges:

Students who violate their responsibilities may be subject to denial of bus privileges as indicated below:

  1. 1st Conduct Report: Warning
  2. 2nd Conduct Report: The student may be denied bus privileges for five (5) school days.
  3. 3rd Conduct Report: The student may be denied bus privileges for the balance of the school year.

The Superintendent of Schools may waive the above sequence and deny bus privileges immediately to any student guilty of grossly offensive conduct or language. Parents will be notified accordingly.

Copies of the Conduct Report will be sent to parents, the school the student attends and to the bus driver. The original will be retained by the Transportation Department.

Pupils who are transported by a school bus to and from school are required to ride their assigned bus in the morning and afternoon. They should board and get off the bus at the same stop daily.

Request for a “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment”

Procedure as follows:

  1. A student may be transported to an alternate site dependent upon the availability of seat on the bus. For example, a student may be transported to or from a sitter location with in the boundaries of such school the pupil legally attends.
  2. Pupils must submit a written parental request to the building principal. An approved request will be returned to the student so it may be given to the bus driver upon entering the bus.
  3. The bus drivers are authorized to transport only those students who are regularly assigned to their particular bus route. All other pupils must have a “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment” to be presented to the Bus Driver upon entering the bus.
  4. A student who tries to board a bus without the “Temporary Change of Bus
    Assignment” will be denied entrance on the bus. Failure to board his/her regular bus will require parent or guardian transportation.