About East Hill Elementary School


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Welcome to East Hill Elementary School.  East Hill is one of four elementary schools in the West Genesee School District.  We have a kindergarten through fourth grade in-person enrollment of 345 students, and 50 remote students.  There are three classrooms at each grade level.  We have an outstanding full and part time professional staff of 40 dedicated teachers.

East Hill was built in 1957 and has undergone two renovations.  Today is it an energy efficient, bright, attractive elementary school with internet access and Promethean Boards in every classroom. The library media center is an inviting setting that is both high tech and cozy at the same time. The classic playground is a favorite community place for local children, and the 27 acre campus includes several practice fields and a baseball diamond.

The students and staff have made a strong commitment to learning. Students are actively engaged in academic pursuits and perform exceptionally well on state and local assessments.  Small class size and a priority of meeting the needs of all children through academic intervention ensure the success of every child.

Our Fine Arts Department encourages participation of our intermediate students in music lessons and chorus, while our younger students enjoy visual and musical arts instruction as well. The performance level of our 4th and 5th grade ensembles is remarkable.

A strong character education program and high expectations for behavior help to foster a respectful school environment.  Students are given many opportunities to demonstrate care and compassion for others, respect and responsibility to others, as well as honesty and truthfulness.  A positive, happy environment in classrooms extends throughout the school.

East Hill is fortunate to have strong parent support and an outstanding PTA.  The parent organization provides many wonderful cultural and entertaining events for the children and their families.  Children enjoy Book Fairs, a Science Fair, Enrichment Days, field trips, live performances and many other experiences throughout the year. In addition a strong physical education program offers morning wellness activities and special physical fitness programs throughout the year.