East Hill Handbook

2019-2020 East Hill Family Handbook

Table of Contents:


Our Mission:
The mission of the West Genesee School District, in partnership with the community, is to ensure that each student attains the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary, not only for lifelong learning, but also for becoming a cooperative, self-directed, productive, caring citizen.

East Hill Elementary School
401 Blackmore Road
Camillus, NY 13031
(315) 487-4648

Fax Number: (315) 487-5499
Health Office: (315) 487-4640
Transportation: (315) 487-4576

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at East Hill Elementary School!  The elementary school years of your educational journey will be very exciting for your family. This Family Handbook has been designed to help you get the answers to questions regarding the policies, procedures and resources available to you as members of the East Hill Elementary School Community.  Please keep this guide throughout the year and let it serve as a tool to help you navigate your way through the elementary school years.

– Lisa Craig, Principal

Please Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, some of the dates listed in this handbook may change. Please make sure you are signed up to receive the latest information via West Genesee Communications. Please refer to the online calendar posted on the West Genesee website to get the most updated information and read Mrs. Craig’s weekly blog.

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The Positivity Project

Positivity Project Shield with Words

The West Genesee Elementary buildings are now in their third year of implementing the Positivity Project.  The Positivity Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping America’s youth build stronger relationships by recognizing the character strengths in themselves and others. Their vision is to create citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.” Positive psychology’s scientifically validated 24 character strengths serve as its foundation. Positive psychology teaches that people have all 24 strengths within them—and that character is not just skills or behaviors, but rather an intrinsic part of each of us.

The project will help instill vocabulary and the meaning of the strengths through explicit teaching of each strength for roughly 10-15 minutes, 4 times per week. We will dedicate 1-2 weeks for each strength to help students understand them through definitions, discussions, and exercises. The strengths are as follows: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Bravery, Connection/Purpose, Creativity, Curiosity, Fairness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Hope/Optimism, Humility/Modesty, Humor, Integrity, Kindness, Leadership, Love, Love of Learning, Open-Mindedness, Perspective, Perseverance, Prudence, Self-Control, Social Intelligence, Teamwork/Citizenship, and Zest/Enthusiasm.

The Positivity Project ideals evolve throughout a student’s whole school career. The 24 character strengths develop and gain more meaning for students as they grow. Once students learn the meaning of each strength and what it looks like, they can then be embedded into the curriculum in every subject area. The character strengths become a part of a common language and they will see them in everything that they do.

We would love for you to take an active role in your child’s character strength education. By using the character strengths vocabulary and having discussions about the concepts, you will help your child understand the character in themselves and others in a different light. For more information, check out www.posproject.org. On Facebook you can find us at East Hill Positivity Project.

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The Dignity For All Students Act

The New York State Dignity For All Students Act was signed into law on September 13, 2010 and took effect July 1, 2012. The goal of The Dignity Act is to create a safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and focus, rather than fear being discriminated against and/or verbally and/or physically harassed. All public elementary and secondary school students have the right to attend school in a safe, welcoming, considerate, and caring environment.

We will continue to have CODE (Community-Oriented Drug Education) grade-level assemblies four times a year. Officer Diane Brand teaches grade-appropriate lessons on a variety of topics including self-esteem, social media and internet safety, appropriate touch, stranger danger, alcohol and drug awareness, problem-solving,  and bullying. Our school’s anti-bullying rules are as follows:

  1. We will not bully others.
  2. We will try to help students who are bullied.
  3. We will try to include students who are left out.
  4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at home or at school.

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The Health Office


The current New York State Public Health Law requires that all school children be immunized against measles, mumps and rubella (2 doses of measles and mumps and 1 dose of rubella required for school entry,) diphtheria and tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine and acellular pertussis vaccine (5 doses DTaP required for school entry, if 4th dose received after 4 years old only 4 doses are required), hepatitis B (3 dose series) and polio (grades K, 1, 6 and 7 only.) For polio, 4 doses of poliomyelitis vaccine (IPV) are required for school entry. If the 3rd dose is received at 4 years of age or older, only 3 doses are required. If you have any questions, please call our school nurse, Mrs. Condon at 487-4640.

The number of doses that each child needs to meet all of the requirements will vary according to their individual schedule. Please provide the most up to date record of immunizations to the health office.


If it is necessary for children to receive medication during school hours, there are certain regulations outlined in the New York State Education Law that protects all children.

Medication Procedure:

  1. A written order from the family physician in which he/she indicates the frequency and dosage of a prescribed medication. The order is necessary for ALL medication, including over the counter items such as Tylenol, Benadryl or cough drops.
  2. A written request from the parent to the school nurse to administer the medication as specified by the family physician.
  3. Medication is to be in a container prepared by the pharmacist and properly labeled. Over the counter medication must be in the original container.
  4. The medication should be delivered directly to the school nurse by the parent or responsible adult.Unless directed to do so by their doctor, children are not to leave any kind of medication in their lockers or classrooms or carry it with them. Lost medication is a potential hazard that may be found and taken byanother child who could suffer a severe drug reaction.


Children entering kindergarten, first, third, fifth, seventh, and eleventh grade, and children new to the West Genesee district are required by New York State to have a physical exam. Exams done within twelve months of entry will meet this requirement.

Health Screenings Required by New York State:

Vision screenings will be provided to all students when they enroll in school. This screening will include color perception, distance acuity, and near vision and will be conducted within six months of admission to school. In addition, all students shall be screened for distance acuity in grades Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, and 5. Hearing screenings will be provided to all new students within six months of admission and in grades Kindergarten, 1, 3, and 5. Scoliosis screenings will be provided to all students in grades 5.

Absent or Tardy:

When a child is absent or tardy, a written note from the parent is required for our records. Please include the reason and dates of absence or tardiness. Please call Mrs. Condon in the Health Office at 487-4640 if your child will not be in school. For your convenience, we have an answering machine in the health office. You can call at any time to leave a message. You will still need to send in a note, even if you have called. Please be specific when noting the reason for the absence (rather than just “sick”.) If your child has any of the following, please keep him/her home: Sore throat, cough, nausea/vomiting, fever of 100 or over, skin rash, diarrhea, swollen glands, head lice or nits, chills, inflamed or discharging eyes, earache, or discharge from ear. In addition, a child should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Illness During the School Day:

If a child becomes ill or injured during the school day and it is necessary for him/her to go home, parents will be contacted by telephone. If both parents are unavailable, we will contact the names listed on the child’s Emergency Card. It is very important that you keep this information current.

Early Arrivals:

The school day begins at 9:00 AM. Please do not leave your children at school before 9:00 AM since we do not have appropriate supervision for them. If students are arriving after 9:00 a.m., it is important for you to bring them in to the office to sign them in. This will ensure that they have arrived safely in the building.

Early Dismissal:

Children who must leave early from school must bring a note from parents explaining the time to be dismissed, the reason, and the person who will pick them up (if different from the parent.) All parents or relatives must stop at the Main Office to sign your children out. Identification is required. Students will be called to the Main Office to be dismissed. This causes less disruption to classes and helps us monitor who picks up your children. If you are picking up your child at the end of the regular day, please try not to arrive before 3:10 and please arrive no later than 3:20. Thank you.

Requests for Assignments:

Occasionally parents find it necessary to take their vacation while school is in session. These absences must be recorded as unexcused on the attendance record. Often assignments are requested for the lessons that will be missed, however, providing the missed assignments does not replace the instruction and experiences that occur during the absence. It should be noted that missing extended time from school, kindergarten through grade 5, may have a negative effect on academic progress. In many cases the material must be reviewed or retaught when the children return. It is up to the individual teacher if they will be able to accommodate these requests; a typical assignment given by teachers in these situations usually involves having students keep a journal while they are gone. Each child is unique, so the teacher will know best which lessons and activities need to be made up. If a parent is requesting assignments for his/her child due to prolonged illness, please call the main office, 487-4648, by 9:00 AM so that ample time may be provided to the teacher.

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Before the start of each school year, parents receive a letter indicating their children’s bus and bus stop. Call the Director of Transportation at 315-487-4576 about any transportation concerns.


Transportation is provided for the safety and convenience of pupils. Children must obey established rules to continue the riding privilege. The following is a list of the correct procedures and rules for riding the bus.

When a school bus is stopped and the lights are flashing you may not pass the bus even when it is stopped in front of the school. Please obey the posted traffic pattern and drop students off in the designated parking spot.

Student’s Responsibilities When Waiting for the Bus

  1. To be on time at the school bus stop.
  2. To wait for the bus well back from the road, until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  3. To be respectful of the property of others at the bus stop.
  4. To cross in front of the bus, at the driver’s signal, looking both ways, crossing 10 feet in front of the bus, and keeping in sight of the bus driver at all times.

Students’ Responsibilities on the Bus

  1. Obey bus driver.
  2. Stay seated the entire bus ride.
  3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself and inside the bus.
  4. Use inside voices.
  5. No food or drink should be consumed on the bus.

Please Note:

All school rules apply while children are riding a bus, even on field trips. Pupils violating these rules will be reported by the driver to the building principal through the Bus Conduct Report.

Bus Conduct

Disciplinary Procedures and Bus Privileges

The primary responsibility of a school bus driver is to transport students. A driver’s concentration on the road is essential for safe driving. The lower the level of driver concentration, the higher the chance of accidents occurring.

It is crucial for students to behave appropriately while riding on West Genesee buses to ensure their safety and that of other passengers and to avoid distracting the bus driver. Students are required to conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior. Pushing, shoving, fighting, harassment or excessive noise will not be tolerated. Students waiting for buses when not on school property are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the West Genesee Code of Conduct (Board of Education Policy # 8414.3).

Students who violate these safety rules may be subject to denial of bus privileges as shown below.

  1. First Bus Conduct Report: Warning
    A copy of the bus conduct report will be mailed home. The original is kept in the school’s database.
  2. Second Bus Conduct Report:
    The student may be denied bus privileges for up to five school days.
  3. Third Bus Conduct Report:
    The student may be denied bus privileges for the balance of the school year.
  4. The Superintendent of Schools may waive the above sequence and deny bus privileges immediately to any student guilty of grossly offensive conduct or language. Parents will be notified accordingly.

Request for Temporary Change of Bus Assignment:

  1. Transportation to an alternate site depends upon the availability of seats on the bus. For example, a child may be transported to or from a babysitter located within the boundaries of the East Hill attendance area.
  2. Under extenuating and/or emergency circumstances, and with a written and signed parental request, the Building Principal or his/her designee may approve a request for a “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment.” Children must submit a written parental request to the Building Principal or his/her designee for a “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment.” An approved request will be returned to the student so it may be given to the Bus Driver.
  3. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. Part of making your child safe is the communication that we establish and continue with parents and guardians. If you need to make any permanent changes to a student’s transportation you will need to do so in person at the district office. The transportation department will not be able to accept any changes that are faxed or placed over the telephone. The transportation department will only make changes received from the district office, on the appropriate forms. Any request for a change of pick-up or drop-off location may take from three to five days to implement depending on the location of stop and route availability. You will be notified as soon as the change is made and what date it will be implemented. Please remember that these procedures have been implemented to protect the safety of all persons involved in the daily transportation of your child(ren).
  4. The drivers are authorized to transport only those children who are regularly assigned to their particular bus route. All other children must have a “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment” to be presented to the Bus Driver upon entering the bus.  NOTE: If you have a change in a morning bus pick-up, please call the East Hill office in advance for directions on what to do.
  5. A child who tries to board a bus without the “Temporary Change of Bus Assignment” authorization form and is denied entrance on the bus and then fails to board his/her regular bus before departure of bus from the school must be transported by parent or guardian.
  6. Approval in special situations is left to the discretion of the Building Principal, Transportation Director and/or Superintendent of Schools.Please note: Students in kindergarten and grade 1 will not be allowed off the bus unless the driver can see an older child or an adult at the home. If no such person is visible, the student will be returned to East Hill. After the third occurrence, the school resource officer will make a visit to the home. After the fourth occurrence in which a child is brought back to school after dismissal, Child Protective Services will be notified.Back to top

East Hill Expectations

At East Hill we have tried to simplify things by having three expectations of all of our students in every setting across the school. These expectations are:

  1. Be Responsible
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Safe

Students will be taught what it means to be responsible, respectful, and safe across all settings, including the bus, the hallway, the playground, the lunch line, the cafeteria, the gymnasium, the classroom and the bathroom. These expectations will be practiced and reinforced throughout the school year.

  1. Be Responsible: This includes being on time, taking care of belongings, cleaning up after self and others, using the bathroom prior to lunch, following classroom procedures, sitting and staying in your assigned seat on the bus, etc.
  2. Be Respectful: This includes using manners, kind words and actions, an appropriate voice level, treating others the way you want to be treated, walking quietly in the halls, taking turns, playing fairly, congratulating and acknowledging others, waiting for and listening to the safety patrol officer, greeting people, and listening to the bus driver.
  3. Be Safe: Being safe includes keeping hands and feet to yourself, walking appropriately to your destination (sidewalks, hallways), washing your hands before and after eating and after using the bathroom, eating only your own food, using playground equipment properly, staying seated when the bus is in motion, leaving food and drink in your backpack on the bus, using two hands on your lunch tray, and signing in with an adult when you are late to school.

East Hill Expectations

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Birthday Parties:

At East Hill we are working to promote healthy minds and healthy bodies. The research is clear – healthy kids learn better. This is just one of the reasons we celebrate birthdays without food at West Genesee. Decreasing the availability of “empty calorie” foods, foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt with little nutritional value (the type typically brought in for birthday celebrations), is just one strategy schools can use to promote wellness.

Another reason we celebrate birthdays without food is to preserve instructional time. In the past, anywhere between 15-30 minutes of class time was used for each birthday party. We still celebrate birthdays; we just do so in a way that preserves as much instructional time as possible.

Safety is a priority at East Hill. The less food we have brought into the school, the less chances there are for a food-allergic student to have a reaction. Research has shown that 1/3 of students who have an allergic reaction at school did not previously know they had a life-threatening allergy.

The principal must approve any parties other than those planned by the school for specific holidays. Please send invitations for any home party through the mail. Passing them out in school can be hurtful if a child is not included. No party invitations will be distributed at school.

Using Food as a Reward:

Food has been commonly used to reward students for good performance and academic performance. It’s an easy, inexpensive and powerful tool to bring about immediate short-term behavior change. Yet, using food as a reward has many negative consequences that go far beyond the short-term benefits of good behavior or performance.

“Rewarding children with unhealthy foods in school undermines our efforts to teach them about good nutrition. It’s like teaching children a lesson on the importance of not smoking, and then handing out ashtrays and lighters to the kids who did the best job listening.”
– Marlene Schwartz, PhD, Co-Director, Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders

The consequences of using food as a reward include:

  1. Compromises Classroom Learning
  2. Contributes to Poor Health
  3. Encourages Overconsumption of Unhealthy Foods
  4. Contributes to Poor Eating Habits
  5. Increases Preferences for Sweets

The above information was taken from The Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Health and Nutrition Services and Child/Family/School Partnerships. At East Hill we continue to find alternatives to using food as a reward. If you have any ideas to share, please let us know!

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Miscellaneous (But Important) Information

East Hill Parent Involvement Policy:

East Hill Elementary School expects that parents/guardians be involved in planning and supporting the academic program for their child. Multiple opportunities are provided for open communication between parents/guardians and the school, including Curriculum Night, parent/teacher conferences, parent meetings, and a comprehensive Standards-based grading reporting system.

Report Cards:

Last year we transitioned to Standards-Based Grading and Reporting at West Genesee. Report cards will be sent home three times a year. They are designed to inform parents of their child’s progress in the academic and social areas. This year report cards will go home on December 6, March 20, and June 25.

Parent Conferences:

Each year two half days are set aside for parent/teacher conferences. This year these dates will be held on November 25 and 26. Additional conferences can be arranged by contacting the classroom teacher. You will sign up for a conference on curriculum night in September.


Please notify the school if you are moving.

Visiting the School:

People who visit the school for any reason must first stop at the office and make their presence known. This is for your own child’s safety.  If you need to see your child, he/she will be called down to the office.  On rare occasions, parents have requested permission to observe their child in classroom settings.  These types of visits are difficult because it distracts other children in the class and it distracts the child being observed, often preventing the parent from actually seeing “typical behavior.” If a parent has a compelling reason for such a request, they must call the principal to discuss the goal of the requested visit, the date, time and duration (not to exceed 20 minutes).  During any classroom visit that is granted, parents may not take pictures or interact with students or teachers in a manner that interferes with the planned instruction.

Parents must have permission from the office before going to a classroom. You will be issued a Visitor’s Badge. This rule is to protect your child and to reduce interruptions to the classroom. All exterior doors into the building are locked around the clock. Access to the building is only through the front door. You can ring the buzzer to the right of the door to gain access to the building. You may be asked to provide identification.

Electronic Devices:

Personally owned electronic games and devices, such as cell phones, CD players, iPods, remote control cars, hand-held video games, etc., are not allowed in school. Experience has taught us that many times in the past, these items were lost, stolen, broken and/or became a distraction. The school cannot and will not be responsible for these items. Please help us by keeping them at home. Student lockers do not lock.

Computer Rules:

  1. Keep food and drinks away from the computers.
  2. Make sure your hands are clean before using the computer.
  3. Do not use any magnets near a computer.
  4. Respect the computer as you would any other school equipment.

Student Attire:

There is no formal dress code for our children. Parents and children are expected to show good judgment in selecting the appropriate attire to wear to school. If we have a concern about a child’s attire, a teacher or the Principal will contact the parents and discuss the concern.

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Assessment and Evaluation

NYS Assessment Logo

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, along with all students in grades 3-8 across NYS will take the New York State Two-Day Assessment in English-Language Arts March 30 & 31. They will take the Mathematics Assessments April 23rd & 24th. These assessments give us an opportunity to demonstrate the students’ learning and growth.  Additionally, our 4th graders will take performance assessment in science at the end of May and a written science exam on June 1st.

It is important that your child be present and on time during these testing days. Students tend to do much better on these tests when they take them as scheduled, in the order they are given, as opposed to taking them on a make-up day when their classmates are enjoying other activities. We will do our best to prepare the students for these assessments. The best way for you to help your children is to simply encourage them to do their best, ensure they get a good night’s sleep, and eat a nutritious breakfast each morning.

Response to Intervention

The West Genesee Central School District Response to Intervention (RtI) Plan is developed to meet the requirements of Section 117.3 to ensure student progress toward meeting state standards. RtI is the practice of providing high quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs. Learning rate over time and level of performance are used to make educational decisions about individual students. RtI represents a systematic, research based educational approach to close achievement gaps for all students, including students at risk, students with disabilities, and English language learners, by preventing smaller learning problems from becoming insurmountable gaps.

Assessment Tiers Triangle

All students in grades K-5 will be given a universal screening which is an assessment procedure characterized by brief (no more than 8 minutes per student), efficient, repeatable testing of age-appropriate skills (e.g., identifying letters of the alphabet or reading a grade level passage) or behaviors. Valid and reliable universal screenings are conducted two times per year for the purposes of identifying students who are at-risk for academic failure, closer monitoring of student progress, and program evaluation.

At East Hill we use what we call a “Collective Responsibility” approach to ensuring that all students learn at high levels. Our teachers meet weekly to analyze student work in order to identify needs. We take an “all hands on deck” approach that involves classroom teachers, instructional specialists, special education teachers, and teaching assistants. Each grade level has a block of TEAM time to provide the interventions that each student needs. You may often hear about your child receiving instruction from a different teacher during literacy and/or math instruction. It’s part of our collective responsibility to meet the needs of all students.

For more information about the West Genesee RtI Plan, please refer to the district website.

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The Library Media Center

General Information

The library is open to students and staff at all times throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to use the library resources and services whenever needed for both personal and educational purposes. Each class will visit the library once a week for library and information skills lessons and recreational book exchange.

Circulation & Lost/Damaged Materials

Our library operates on a trade system — when an item is returned to the library, another item may be borrowed. If items are overdue, additional items cannot be checked out until the original one is returned. If an item is lost or damaged, please contact the librarian for information on how to proceed. Items are checked out to students for a one week period, and may be renewed twice.

Physical books may be checked out by any grade level. DVDs and magazines may be checked out by 2nd – 5th grade students, and audiobooks may be checked out by 4th and 5th grade students. Checkout limits are as follows:

  • Kindergarten: 1 book per week
  • 1st Grade: 1 book per week, 2 books per week in January
  • 2nd Grade: 2 items per week
  • 3rd-5th Grade: 3 items per week*

*Additional items may be checked out in the event of a classroom project.

Library Collection

The library collection is developed with the purpose of supporting the school curriculum needs as well as the personal interests of all readers regardless of reading ability. In addition to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books, the library also circulates age-appropriate audiobooks, ebooks, DVDs, and magazines.

The district and it’s libraries are members of the OCM BOCES School Library System and will have additional access to materials outside the district through interlibrary loan.

Mission Statement

As an integral part of the district’s educational program, our school libraries aim to encourage and empower all students to become lifelong readers, ethical creators and users of information and technology, and active members of their community. We strive to provide both students and members of the school community with tools and resources to meet their expanding needs in order to support student achievement. Additionally, we will assist them in acquiring and honing critical thinking and multiple literacy skills that will allow them to direct their own learning in a safe environment.


The East Hill librarian develops lessons centered around the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, and the American Association of School Librarians standards, as well as the district’s Technology Learning Standards.

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The East Hill PTA

Executive Committee

President Michele Grosser
PTA Logo and TaglineVice President Becky Tully
Secretary Amy Vergamini
Treasurer Olivia Colabufo
Principal Lisa Craig


As the school year begins, we would like to welcome all parents and teachers to join the East Hill PTA. Our annual membership begins now and is on-going throughout the school year. As a PTA member, you will be a vital link in establishing good home-school relations. Your involvement in PTA can give you a more active part in your child’s education.

Come to our meetings, share your ideas and concerns and participate in all the wonderful activities the East Hill PTA provides for your family. One of the key ingredients for a successful education is getting parents involved in the process. You can take the first and simplest step by becoming a member of the East Hill PTA.  Remember: Being a member gives you the right to vote on PTA programs and issues. PTA meetings are held on the following dates: 9/17, 10/7, 11/13, 1/13, 2/4, 3/9, and 4/20. All meetings are held at 6:30 in the East Hill Library.

Room Representatives:

The responsibilities of the Room Representative will vary from teacher to teacher, but usually consist of assisting with holiday parties (during the school year), field trips, and recruiting helpers for teachers at their request throughout the school year. Room representatives are also asked to phone all of the parents in the class in May to remind them to vote. There are one or two coordinators and a pool of helpers per classroom. The coordinators will be the main contact with the teacher, will be responsible for collection of funds for parties, and will coordinate the year’s assignments equally among the other volunteers. Each room representative will be given a class list, which will be used for contacting parents when needed.

A sampling of the activities that the PTA provides are listed on the next page. These are just a few of the things the PTA does for our students and staff at East Hill.


Again this year, we will have a Walk/Jog-a-thon. Children walk or jog around the circle in front of the school for 15 minutes during their recess time. Before the event, the children are asked to get donations for their participation. All children are encouraged to participate whether or not they obtained donations.  The money earned is used to support all PTA programs throughout the year. Parents can help the day of the Walk/Jog-a-thon by counting laps and serving refreshments. It’s also fun to cheer on the students. There will be other fundraisers throughout the year, however this is the PTA’s main fundraiser of the year.


The PTA provides a newsletter periodically throughout the year. It includes a school activity calendar, PTA notices, and classroom information. The newsletter is distributed electronically and  posted on the website (www.westgenesee.org).

Staff Appreciation Week:

In honor of our East Hill staff, a special “Thank-you” luncheon is provided.  It is held in the library. Volunteers are needed to assist with food donations and preparation, as well as the setting up, serving and cleaning up of the luncheon. The entire staff looks forward to this event.  Also, during the week, the PTA supplies special treats for the teacher’s lounge each day.

Book Fairs:

The PTA will sponsor two Book Fairs this year. The book fairs are held for two or three consecutive days  and on one evening. Class visits to the Book Fair are scheduled throughout the week. The special evening sale will allow parents the opportunity to browse and select books with their children. Rewards of reading last a lifetime. Volunteers are needed to work at the Book Fair setting up, filling orders and working the “cash register” and  breaking it down on the last day.

Enrichment Day:

One Saturday morning during the year students are offered a variety of classes and fun, engaging subjects in which they can participate. PTA volunteers are necessary to make this event successful for out students in this well attended event.

Community Giving:

Each November and December, East Hill students, teachers, and families join together to help out families in need. Our children learn about reaching out to help others by being involved in this program.

Ice Cream Social:

This annual social the first week of school gives students and families an opportunity to make new friends and visit with old friends. It’s a fun celebration to start the new school year!

5th Grade Recognition:

In June, it has become an East Hill tradition for our 5th graders to attend their own special party at the Ultimate Goal in Marcellus where they can share a good time with their friends and teachers. Parents are needed to help chaperone this event. In addition, our 5th grade class will also take part in a very special recognition ceremony. Their parents and teachers have an opportunity to share in their accomplishments and their excitement as they graduate from East Hill. Fourth grade parents serve refreshments after the ceremony.

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2019-2020 Calendar of Events


  • First Day of School (Half Day), Wednesday, September 4th
  • First Full Day of School, Thursday, September 5th
  • Ice Cream Social, 6:00, 7:30-Thursday, September 5th
  • Curriculum Night, 6:00, 6:25 (K/1); 6:30 – 6:55 (2/3); 7:00 – 7:25 (4/5) Thursday, September 12th
  • PTA Meeting, 6:30, Library Tuesday, September 17th
  • Jog-a-thon (During Recess) Friday, September 27th


  • PTA Meeting, 6:30, Library Monday, October 7th
  • School Pictures Wednesday, October 9th
  • No School – Columbus Day Monday, October 14th
  • PARP Reading Celebration Wed. – Wed., Oct. 16th – 30th
  • Book Fair (Family Night 10/17) Wed. & Th., Oct. 16th & 17th
  • District Halloween Carnival, WGHS, 4:00 Monday, October 28th
  • Halloween Parties, 2:15 p.m. Thursday, October 31st


  • Half Day, Staff Development Day, Tuesday, November 5th
  • No School – Veterans Day, Monday, November 11th
  • PTA Meeting, 6:30, Library, Wednesday, November 13th
  • Picture Retakes and Group Photos Friday, November 15th
  • Parent Conferences, 1/2 Days Mon. & Tues., Nov. 25 & 26
  • No School – Thanksgiving Recess Wed. – Fri., Nov. 27th – 29th


  • 1st Trimester Report Cards Go Home, Friday, December 13th
  • 4th & 5th Grade Concert, 7:00 p.m., WGHS, Thursday, December 12th
  • Holiday Parties, 2:15, Thursday, December 19th
  • No School – Holiday Recess Mon. Dec. 23rd – Fri. Jan. 3rd


  • School Resumes, Monday, January 6th
  • PTA Meeting, 6:30, Library, Monday, January 13th
  • No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day     Monday, January 20th
  • Staff Development Day Monday, January 27th


  • PTA Meeting, 6:30, Library, Tuesday, February 4th
  • Enrichment Day, Saturday, February 8th
  • Valentine’s Day Parties, 2:15,  Friday, February 14th
  • No School – Winter Recess Mon. Feb. 17th – Fri. Feb. 21st


  • PTA Meeting, 6:30, Library, Monday, March 9th
  • 1/2 Day, Staff Development, Wednesday, March 11th
  • Education Fair, Tuesday, March 24th
  • 3rd Grade Concert, Gymnasium Thursday, March 26th
  • 2nd Trimester Report Cards Distributed Friday, March 27th
  • NYS ELA Testing Mon. & Tues., 30th & 31st


  • No School – Spring Recess, Mon. – Fri., April 6th – 10th
  • , 6:00 – 8:00, Cafeteria, Friday, April 17th
  • PTA Meeting, 7:00, Library ,  Monday, April 20th
  • NYS Math Testing Thurs. & Fri., April 23rd & 24th


  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Friday, May 8th
  • Book Fair, Wed. & Thurs., May 13th & 14th
  • Open House, 6:00 – 7:00, Thursday,  May 14th
  • 4th & 5th Grade Spring Concert, WGHS Wednesday, May 20th
  • No School – Memorial Day Monday, May 27th
  • Grade 4 Science Performance Wed. & Th., May 27th & 28th


  • NYS 4th Grade Science Written Test, Monday, June 1st
  • Lemonade Serenade Volunteer Reception, Friday, June 5th, Time TBD
  • PTA Celebration, Wednesday, June 10th
  • Flag Day Celebration Friday, June 12th, 1:00
  • Field Days  (rain date 6/17) Tuesday, June 16th
  • 5th Grade Ultimate Goal Friday, June 19th
  • 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony, 9:30 Wednesday, June 24th
  • 1/2 Days of School Wed. & Thurs., June 24th & 25th
  • 3rd Trimester Report Cards Distributed, Last Day Thursday, June 25th

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Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read this handbook. I hope you have found the information helpful to you. If you have any questions about anything you have read in this handbook, or have any suggestions for things to include in this handbook, please let me know! One last thing in closing, please help us to keep our children safe by obeying the posted traffic pattern out front (see picture below). Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a great 2019-2020 school year!

– Lisa Craig