East Hill PTA Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2019

East Hill PTA Meeting Minutes -November 13, 2019 at 6:30pm

Attendance: Michele Grosser, Lisa Craig, Amy Vergamini, Becky Tully, Lindsay D’Alfonso, Olivia Colabufo, Nina Mingolelli, Mary Kate Kirk, Katie Catalino, Dave Smith, Val Choe

  • Call to order at 6:30 P.M.
  • Reviewed and approved the October 7, 2019 meeting minutes.   Approval led by Lisa Craig seconded by Becky Tully

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Account Updates: Checking Account Balance: $9,139.05
    Savings Account Balance: $13,634.51
  • Budget: spending is on track and our budget forecast looks good.

Principal’s Report:

    1. Thank you for funding guest author, Troy Cummings.
    2. Halloween parties were well organized; Raptor system worked well.
    3. Student Council: offering 10-12 Thanksgiving meals
      • Asking for $1, $2 from primary grades and food items from upper grades.
      • PTA will use cash collected to purchase Turkeys on behalf of Student Council.
    4. Started making calls for “The Giving Tree”.
        • Howard Hanna has adopted a family
        • Shop for a cop is taking kids shopping
        • Utilizing Skaneateles support again this year

Teacher’s Report:

  1. Troy Cumming’s as the guest author was very enjoyable for all of the kids.
  2. Mrs. Moser-Vogler is running the Square 1 Art fundraiser again; please support and advertise this.
    • Feedback to Mrs. Moser-Vogler – possibly change art offerings because younger siblings are making the same art work as older siblings.
    • Possibly offer collage art work to combine siblings work, otherwise it’s pricey to purchase iindividual art for multiple children

President’s Report:

  • Reviewed grant submissions and approved the following:
    • $218.63 – Mrs. Tuttle request for the Qball approved by Dave Smith, second by Olivia Colabufo
    • $342.70 – Mrs. Devereaux request for fairy tale STEM kit approved by Olivia Colabufo, second by Becky Tully
    • $309.45 – Mrs. Catalino request for STEM kits approved by Lisa Craig, second by Lindsay D’Alfonso
    • $258.74 – Mrs. Kirk request for organizational materials-approved by Becky Tully, second by Nina Mingolelli
    • $342.36 – Kindergarten team request for tools to help with phonemic awareness  approved by Becky Tully, second by Dave Smith
    • Tabled request by Mrs. Ciciarelly until PTA credit card is approved.

Committee Updates:

  1. Membership – not at goal
  2. Jog – a – Thon – final fundraising total was $9139.05
  3. Community Giving – Amy Vergamini and Olivia Colabufo
  4. Spirit Wear – Michele Grosser – Items should be delivered Friday, November 15; organized and sorted over the weekend and sent home soon
  5. District Council – Olivia Colabufo – Mr. Bills and Mr. Mitchell (BOE) attended to discuss how to communicate within the school.  First, talk with teachers, then the principal before going outside of the school.  The BOE and Superintendent are available for issues that cannot be resolved within the schools. BOE Open Forum – Wednesday, November 20 from 6-7PM; goal is to try to listen to the community and keep communication flowing.
  6. PCIC – Nina Mingolelli – Reported that the Strategic Plan was reviewed; the state test scores, and Title I which is the number of students involved in the free and reduced lunch program.  East Hill is not a Title I school since it is below the district average with this program.
  7. Yearbook – Dave Smith – “Art in Our Lives” is the theme. Similar format to last year’s yearbook; suggestions welcome!
  8. Enrichment Day – Becky Tully – New Co-Chairs are Ashely Coleman and Patti Yeager – Charging for ED- Feeling is that parents will send their kids if they have paid versus not sending their kids at the last minute if it’s a free event.
  • A motion to change the Budget from zero income to $5/student Approved by Nina Mingolelli, second by Dave Smith

New Business:

Lindsay D’Alfonso asked if there is a way to incorporate MS awareness into the school year.  She’s asking that kids wear orange for awareness, maybe in the month of May.  She’ll follow up with Olivia Colabufo and District Council

Adjournment:  7:30 P.M.

The next meeting will be January 13, 2019 at 6:30 in the East Hill Library.