East Hill PTA Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2019

East Hill PTA Meeting Minutes  – October 9, 2019 at 6:30pm

Attendance: Michele Grosser, Lisa Craig, Amy Vergamini, Becky Tully, Nicole Bova, Cheryl Meany, Jen Corby, Jennifer Wademan, Jessica Joanis

  • Call to order at 6:30 P.M.
  • Reviewed and approved the September 17, 2019 meeting minutes. Approval led by Becky Tully seconded by Cheryl Meany.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Account Updates: Checking Account Balance: $9,262.62
    Savings Account Balance: $13,634.51
  2. Jog- A- Thon money still being collected.

Principal’s Report:

Getting ready for PARP (Pick A Reading Partner).

  • “Reading is Spooktacular” is the theme
  •  Kids will drop everything and read when The Monster Mash is played
  • Creativity is P2 theme – kids will decorate a pumpkin
  • Troy Cummings, guest author and illustrator, inspires creativity
    Student Council elected; meeting with them Thursday, October 10.

Teacher’s Report:

  1. Jen Corby, new IS instructor, presented. She’s happy to be at EH; teachers are all set.

President’s Report:

  1. Michele reviewed grant submission by Jennifer MacArthur asking for white boards, markers and erasers to help students in grades K-5 to help with decoding words during TEAM Time.
  2. Committee Chair positions filled
    • Total request = $105.25
    • Approval led by Cheryl Meany, seconded by Jennifer Wademan
  3. Custodian day was 10/2/19.
    • Thank you to Sweets- n -Treats committee for bringing in food to celebrate the custodians.
    • Custodians were very appreciative and pass along their thanks
  4. Notes reflect that Amy Vergamini and Olivia Colabufo have been voted in and hold the following

Positions: Amy Vergamini is Secretary and Olivia Colabufo is Treasurer

  • Approval led by Nicole Bova, seconded by Lisa Caig, all were in favor

Committee Updates:

  1. Membership – Cheryl Meany – Goal is 154 members, currently have 118 members
  2. Jog – a – Thon – Great day, great weather, money still coming in
    • Special Thanks to Salt City DJ’s; The WG Cheerleaders; and Guinta Produce
  3. Community Giving – Amy Vergamini –
    • Power Pack program is off to a good start; emails going out soon to ask for help shopping and packing
    • Brief discussion about wrapping gifts received from the giving tree or sending in unwrapped gifts; tabled this discussion
  4. Book Fair –
    • Need more volunteers for Family Night
    • Staff Breakfast – Scholastic will present to teachers, teachers preview books
  5. PARP
    • Guest Author Troy Cummings will be here 10/23/19
    • 122 books ordered for him to sign
    • Plan is to be very interactive with the students
  6.  Spirit Wear
    • Online store is up and ready to take orders
    • Samples will be available at the Book Fair Family Night
  7. District Council
    • There are left over supplies from the school supply drive if there is a need
    • There’s talk of a winter coat drive – more to come

New Business:

Adjournment: 7:03 P.M.

The next meeting will be November 13, 2019 at 6:30 in the East Hill Library.