East Hill PTA Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2019

East Hill PTA Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2019 at 6:30pm

Attendance: Val Choe, Carrie Grooms, Rhiannon Case, Nicole Bova, Olivia Colabufo, Cheryl Meany, Courtney Lyons, Lisa Craig, Danielle Dattelles, Jennifer Wademan, Jessica Joanis, Nina Mingolelli, Christopher Joanis, Ashley Coleman, Michele Grosser, Becky Tully, and Lindsay Dalfonso

  • Call to order at 6:30pm
  • Minutes reviewed. Approval led by Olivia Colabufo, seconded by Cheryl Meany.
  • Attendees briefly introduced themselves

Box Tops Update

  • Carrie Grooms informed attendees that Box Tops are going digital. Paper tops will be discontinued and are not being printed on products anymore. To get Box Top credit, download app, register our school and scan receipts. This makes tracking classes impossible, so the classroom competition will be eliminated. We will accept and submit remaining hard copy box tops and then discontinue program collection since they aren’t being printed any more.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • 2019-2020 budget was presented. Approval led by Lisa Craig; seconded by Nicole Bova

Principal’s Report:

  • Welcome! First time in ten years enrollment is up: 31 new students.
  • Several staff additions announced in her blog.
  • We have a new PA system!

Teacher’s Report:

  • New staff member, Miss Dattelles, is excited to be here. Everyone is excited for the new school year.

President’s Report:

  • Committee chairs needed for Enrichment Day, Staff Appreciation, Book Fair and Bingo.
  •  Room representatives will be reimbursed $50 in expenses before tax for the year. Reimbursement form and receipts must be submitted
  • Troy Cummings, “Notebook of Doom” series author will be coming 10/23. We are splitting the day/expenses with OR.

Committee Reports:

Ice Cream Social – Cheryl Meany

  • Thank you for the help. Huge success!! Served more ice creams the first 45 minutes than entire time last year. Served a total of 400 ice creams this year!
    Membership – Cheryl Meany
  • We are at 68 members. Goal is 154 members. Cheryl will email directory when it is published to remind everyone to sign up
  • We will ask Kristin Klaben to post on Facebook, Mrs. Craig will put it in her blog.
  • Cheryl will have a membership table at family book fair night


  • Patti Yeager is the chairperson and it’s on schedule for Friday 9/27 9-1pm
  • The WG mascot and cheerleaders will cheer for the runners
  • New DJ this year – Free!
  • Donation packets will be sent home; online giving via Cheddarup. Will post on FB.

Community Giving

  • EH PTA has taken on Power Packs rather than outsourcing through church, cutting, costs.
  • Amy Vergamini and Girl Scouts shopped and bagged for first 4 weeks
  • Counselor working on selection

Book Fair / PARP

  • Set up will be after school on 10/15. Family night will be 10/17.
  • There will be a teacher preview breakfast on 10/16 with a scholastic representative.
  • Teachers will receive a $5 gift card toward the purchase of a classroom book.
  • Volunteers are needed for one hour or a full two hour shift. Jamie has sent out a sign up
  • Promote on FB schedule, eWallet, and reminders
  • Use shelf tags for “Spooktacular reads”, P2 books, and teachers picks
  • We have access to a Dog Man costume for someone to wear to promote book fair
  • Cut out bracelets available for kids to wear night before book fair as reminder and to promote. Volunteers to cutout and distribute? Time consuming. Stickers better.
  • Scholastic theme for PARP “Artic Adventure.”

Spirit Wear – Michele Grosser

  • District is using the same vendor as us, Action Printwear,
  • Sale will start October with sample sizes available at Family Book Fair night.
  • Sign up available for those that want to help

Yearbook – Dave Smith, Committee Chair

  • Asked for volunteers to review photos ensuring all students are represented
  • Develop yearbook club

School Pictures – Ashley Coleman

  • Picture Day is 10/9 and retakes 11/15

New Business:

  • Custodian day 10/2. Ask Sweet Treat Committee for items. 4 Custodians
  • Talk with the Superintendent 9/27 at 7pm in High School LGI room
  • Offering childcare for upcoming meetings is a possibility. More to come.

Adjournment: 7:28 pm

Next PTA Meeting: October 7, 2019 at 6:30, East Hill Library