East Hill Supply List – Grade 4

Fourth Grade School Supply List for 2020-2021

Welcome to Fourth Grade!  We are excited about the upcoming year. Here is a list of supplies to help your child have a well-organized and fun year. We look forward to meeting your child in the fall!

Please purchase the following:

  • 1 plain, 1 inch, 3-ring binder (or Trapper Keeper).
  • 5 two pocket folders (Please get heavy duty/glossy plastic folders- they work best, are sturdy, and last all year.)
  • Folders: 1 blue (math), 1 green (science), 1 red (unfinished work), 1 purple (social studies), 1 yellow (literacy).
  • Ear Buds to use with our Chromebooks (may be purchased at 5 Below)
  • #2 pencils—plenty of them!
  • 1 box of colored pencils (full size – we use these a lot)
  • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener
  • 1 Pencil pouch – please, no boxes! A large ziplock baggie works great too!
  • 1 package Dry Erase Markers (must purchase low odor type) –dark colors please
  • 3 Marbled Composition Notebooks (wide ruled only, at least 100 pages each)
  • 1 box of tissues to share with class

Please DO NOT BUY: Assignment notebooks, pencil boxes, scissors, rulers, spiral notebooks, or glue sticks Thank you.

Additional Information:

  • Please bring all items clearly marked with your full name.
  • Please be sure to bring a chapter book for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) – this is needed everyday.
  • Please bring a healthy snack each day.  You may bring a water bottle, filled with water only, to keep at your desk.
  • Please remember that you will share a small locker.  Make sure you think about this if you purchase a backpack.  It must fit in the locker.

We hope you have a happy, fun and safe summer.  PLEASE LEARN YOUR MATH MULTIPLICATION FACTS, keep reading, and we’ll see you in September!

The Fourth Grade Team