High School Concert Attire Letter 2018-19

August 21, 2018

Dear Music Students and Families,

The information attached to this letter should provide you and your family with a relatively easy and affordable way to obtain concert dress for this year’s concerts. This does not exclude the opportunity to use a sibling’s tux, or purchase concert attire locally.

Ladies: We encourage you to purchase the black “Chorale Dress” from www.formalwear-outlet.com. You can go to their website or call 877-837-3888 to speak to a representative. The link is:
Chorale Dress – $63.00

Gentlemen: We encourage you to purchase the black “Full Tuxedo,” or equivalent.
Men’s Tuxedo Jacket – $60.00
Men’s Tuxedo Pants – $28.00
Winged Tip Shirt – $14.00
Regular shirt – $14.00
Black Bow Tie – $4.00

How to measure:

Shipping information:
This is especially important so that each student has a chance to try on the concert attire, return and resize if necessary, and have the dresses hemmed. If in stock, it usually ships the next day, but also says it could be 1-2 or 3-5 weeks, so please note this timeline.

Again, you can purchase locally or call us at the fine arts office to see if we have some used tuxedos for sale. JC Penney and Tuxedo Junction may be an easier route for tuxes since they can hem and size you at the store. We do ask that ladies purchase ankle length gowns/blouses-skirts. Knee length skirts/dresses are not appropriate. Gentlemen should get black, not navy tuxedos/suits. It is very important that each student have the proper concert attire prior to the first concert. Please don’t hesitate to call (487-4612) or email with any questions or concerns. Thank you very much!

Bill Davern
Director of Fine Arts