It Happened at School…High School Students Teach Elementary Students How to Speak French 

WGHS Teach EH Students FrenchThe West Genesee High School French Club has gone to Stonehedge Elementary and East Hill Elementary Schools for over 15 years to teach French. This year they visited the schools on April 25.

They used to teach 4th graders, but over the years we have moved to third grade.

The high school students create their own lessons.  They have the freedom to pick the topics they want to teach: numbers, colors, animals, food, greetings, even dance. They create all their own activities to use during their 45 minute time slot. They thoroughly enjoy the experience.

All the French students think that it is fun and exciting to pass their knowledge on to the 3rd graders. After teaching, they really appreciate what their teachers do each day. It is one of the best things the French Club does all year!