Letter from Exec Principal Ackles about Moving Forward with Instruction and Grading

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. We all continue to adjust to the new routines and restraints of our lives. I hope to answer some of the questions that have emerged about the remainder of the year in terms of assignments, grades, and report cards. Our goal is for students to be successful during their time at home.

The plan below is in place if the governor extends school closures for the state beyond April 15. If we are back shortly after April 15, we will adjust the plan as needed to fit those circumstances.

The week of April 6-10, formerly the Spring Recess week, will be used as an opportunity to make up incomplete work and to provide opportunities for students to show their understanding of previously instructed concepts. Our goal is to give our students time to be as successful as possible with their marking period three grade. Report cards will be published, as previously planned, on April 24.

Marking Period 4: Moving Forward with Instruction and Grading 

We will continue to follow these guidelines for the amount of work that we assign to students:

  • Core Subject Area Classes and Concurrently-Enrolled Courses (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages)
    • 2 Assignments per week approximately 40 minutes each
  • Electives/Special Area Classes
    • 1 Assignment per week approximately 40 minutes each

Grading will look different going into the fourth quarter. Students will be graded using the following criteria:

  • Complete = Student has executed the task to the course or grade level standard
  • Incomplete = Student has executed the task but it is not yet to the course or grade level standard
  • Missing = Student has not yet submitted the assignment

At the end of Marking Period 4, students will be given a quarter grade of Pass or Fail for the quarter based on their ability to show that they have attained the standards worked on during the quarter.

At this point, how the final averages will be determined will be decided at a later date.

Students enrolled in college courses (SUNY, SU, Cazenovia and OCC) will continue with a modified version of each course. Numeric grades will be calculated for the college courses that require them, but a pass or fail will be recorded for our transcripts.

To say that we are in unusual times may be the understatement of a lifetime. Our approach during this time will be to recognize that we cannot do business as usual. Please reach out and contact me, the grade level principal, or your child’s counselor if you have any questions or concerns.

Be well, keep our loved ones close, and remember that better days will be coming.


Wayne Ackles

Executive Principal