Letter from Supt. Bills: Arrivals/Dismissals

Good afternoon,

I am writing this letter to apologize and acknowledge some of the inefficiencies and inconveniences during the first day of students’ return to school. In some cases, they were more than the ordinary “bump in the road” of an opening day.

We pride ourselves at West Genesee to provide the highest level of attention to safety and efficiency of service to students and families. Yesterday, we admittedly fell short with an extensive delay in some of our building’s arrivals and dismissals and the subsequent communication.

We continue to look at our traffic flow and transportation schedule in an effort to minimize disruption and keep a continued premium to safety. We have already seen vast improvements during today’s arrival and dismissal, however there is still progress to be made. For your information, the BusQuest GPS Notification has been temporarily deactivated as we make adjustments and corrections to routes. We will notify you when it is once again operational.

Please know our entire staff is working tirelessly to make processes go smoothly as we welcome 100% of our students back to five days a week of school. Yesterday was no exception! Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we strive to provide the highest level of service in our procedural operations.

Most importantly, there were far more examples of success yesterday and today with roughly 4,400 students returning to our seven buildings. The excitement of entering buildings, returning to our classrooms, and the reunion of relationships and partnerships in learning was second to none.

We remain a reflective culture of continuous improvement that celebrates success! We remain West Genesee Stronger Together!

Thank you,

David C. Bills
Superintendent of Schools
West Genesee CSD