Letter from Supt. Bills: Safety Concerns

September 30, 2021

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers,

Yesterday afternoon we received an email that indicated there may be a threat to the high school building. Camillus Police Department was immediately made aware and an investigation took place into the evening. The result of the investigation included a response from both law enforcement and school officials. It was determined that, through that investigation, school could open as usual this morning as interviews were done into last evening and it was determined there was no credible threat. Any violations of the Code of Conduct have and will continue to be addressed by school administrators.

There were a few calls from parents this morning regarding this issue, however lunch time has resulted in a resurfacing of rumors and resulting (and understandably) student concerns. We would like to assure you that students are safe.

Moments ago, I addressed the student population directly to keep them informed. In that message, I was sure to thank the students who initially reported the concerns and brought this to the attention of the administration. That is both admirable and necessary whenever it comes to the safety of our school. Please continue to come forward whenever you have a concern.

Following the announcement, there was a 911 call from a parent with inaccurate information which resulted in a response from multiple law enforcement agencies. We continue to work in partnership with them and appreciate their support. Again, the building has been deemed safe.

Please understand that details must be kept confidential, however know that the situation is being addressed appropriately. Again, thank you to all involved. Any questions or concerns, please contact your student’s grade level principal.


David C. Bills
Superintendent of Schools
West Genesee CSD