Message from Supt. Bills Status of Next Steps

Dear West Genesee Parents/Guardians,

Today I was intending to communicate the next steps of our school plan based on recently released information including “Policy Proposal to Increase School Participation to 5 days per Week in K-12 School in Onondaga County”. An overview of the plan was presented to the Board of Education earlier this week at the regularly scheduled meeting of Wednesday, March 17.

We are continuing to explore opportunities for our students. Our K-4 students in all elementary schools have been in school for 5 days per week since the start of the school year. Our students in grades 5-12 have been in a hybrid learning model. We have also provided a fully remote learning option for students K-12.

Two major factors toward increasing in-person learning for those selecting the hybrid model for grades 5-12 students include that of transportation and cafeteria use. We continue to explore the parameters for bus riders and cafeterias beyond what has been available thus far. This is requiring a great deal of creativity with bus routes and food services procedures while considering guidelines.

Next week, I hope to provide more information on next steps and a specific survey regarding transportation needs. We will continue to investigate all parameters, including any potential implications from the recently released guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as reported by media.

Thank you,

David C. Bills
West Genesee CSD