Message from the Superintendent

Additional Information (Posted on January 9, 2010)

During the afternoon run on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 one of our school busses slid slightly on an ice-covered road while approaching a scheduled bus stop that is in an apartment area where there are many parked cars. The bus made contact with a parked car which resulted in no damage to the bus and minor damage to the parked car.

Concurrent to District staff responding to the scene, it is our understanding that a concerned citizen called in the minor accident to 911. Following the arrival of emergency responders, their parked vehicle slid and made contact with the parked bus.

Following a medical check and clearance of all students, the children were transferred to a second bus or released to parents who are residents of the apartment complex where the incident occurred.

We are relieved that there were no injuries and very thankful to the driver of the bus, the District transportation staff, and all emergency responders for their continued partnership and utmost care for our children.

Initial Message (Posted on January 8, 2020)

This afternoon, while transporting students home, a West Genesee school bus was in an accident. 

Fortunately, none of the 15 children were injured.  After being evaluated at the scene by medical personnel, the students were transferred to another bus and taken home. 

All parents were notified via telephone by District Office staff.