Updated: Message from the WG Athletic Department

Posted on January 26, 2021

WG Athletic Community,

A million things going on now that the Governor gave the OK for High Risk Sports to start back up but we wanted to let you all know that yesterday the SCAC finalized the remaining adjusted season dates. They wanted to maximize seasons, without much overlap and also allow for a great spring season that was lost last year.

Please note – because there is a 1 week overlap from winter to fall and then fall to spring; for those 5 days kids can’t practice for both sports in different seasons but, up to 3 practices will be counted toward the next sports required number of practices.

So….for example a football player can play lacrosse; but that first week of lacrosse they will carry over 3 football practices and can attend lacrosse practice but not play as they would have practices that day for football.

The seasons dates include the following sports:

  • Extended Winter (February 1, 2021 thru March 13, 2021) -Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, Cheer
  • Fall 2 (March 8, 2021 thru April 24, 2021) – Football, Volleyball, Cheer, Girls Swim
  • Spring (April 19, 2021 thru June 12, 2021) – Baseball, B/G Lacrosse, Softball, B/G Track, G-Golf, B-Tennis

Our goal is all levels for all sports as long as the numbers allow it. Any question please contact the WG Athletic Office at 315-487-4560.


Thank you,
WG Athletic Department

Posted on January 25, 2021

WG Athletics Community,

On Friday Afternoon, Governor Cuomo announced that High Risk sports (basketball, hockey, wrestling, competitive cheer, football, volleyball and boys lacrosse) in NYS can begin practices and contests with the approval from the local Department of Health starting February 1.  As we wait for the final approval from the DOH, we are preparing for the Winter season to begin for the sports of B/G basketball, Ice Hockey, Wrestling and Competitive Cheer. We do not have a lot of specific details yet but registrations will be open beginning this evening through FamilyID, which a link can be found on the WG Athletics webpage. All emails registered on FamilyID during sign ups will be used for coach communication in regards to specific practice times and locations.

Please note that all athletes playing on a WG team will need to follow all established protocol (distancing, masks, health checks, etc) put out by the state and local DOH.

Please remember that parents have the choice to have their child not participate in extra-curricular activities.

More information will be shared when it becomes available state athletic association or section 3 athletics.

Thank you,

WG Athletic Department