Music Students are Selected for All-County Concerts: Jazz

Jazz All-County

West Genesee High School freshman Sean Alvaro has been selected to perform in the All-County Jazz Festival being held at Marcellus High School on April 24-25. He will represent us in the Junior High All-County Jazz Concert.

Elementary All-County Concert

West Genesee musicians from grades 4-6 will be performing in the Elementary All-County Festival at North Syracuse Junior High School on April 17-18.

West Genesee students in the choir from CMS will be Ella Gentilcore, Chloe Fietze, Giorgia Hess, and Bella Togias; from East Hill are Eliana Becker, Hazel Quigley, Micah Schuessler, and Immanuel Perez; and from Stonehedge Cali Abear, Cristiano (Val) Cornejo, Mckenna Vallely, and Selena Salman.

Orchestra members from WGMS are Grace Vincentini, Alexis Houser, Scott Johnson, Elizabeth Friers, Emily Neves, Jocelyn Andrews, and Michael Francis.

Junior High All-County Concert

West Genesee musicians from grades 7-9 will be performing in the Junior High All-County Festival at Solvay High School on January 24-25.

Band members from WGHS are Sean Alvaro, Sarah Bacon, Logan Battaglia, Brody Couture, Sarah Fettig, Kaitlin Fisher, Claire LaValle, James Maynard, Mia Pinker, Coralista Ruge, and Gwenyth Shope; from CMS Daniel Alvaro, James Ginestro, Nathan Smith, Conor Swete, and Angus Tarolli; and from WGMS Kelly McManus and will be participating.

Students chosen for the orchestra from WGHS are Brandon Campbell, Sofia Lentz, Joshua Pierce, and Avery Reina; from CMS Anthony Kotlyarov, Alexandra McGlaughlin, Joanna Ray, and Erica Volik; and from WGMS Alexander Cammarata, Devin Dantuono, and Julia Myla will perform.

West Genesee students in the choir from WGHS are Sean Alvaro*, Logan Battaglia*, Olivia Frizzi, Joseph Katzer, Holden Leonard, Margaret Mello, Sophia Patriarco, Paul Walintukan, Katherine Weyant, Caleb Williams, and Willard Young; from CMS are Cynthia Schlenker, Amara Choe, John Diem, Jonah Grothier, Benjamin Paul, and Angelo Procopio; and from WGMS are Jackson Humphrey, Christopher Katzer, and Joseph Paoli will perform.

*Students who were accepted to both All-County Choir AND Band/Orchestra who chose to play instead of sing.

Senior High All-County Concert

WGHS ChoirWest Genesee High School musicians will perform in the Senior High All-County Festival on January 10-11 at West Genesee High School. The senior high group includes grades 10-12.

West Genesee students that will perform in the orchestra are Matthew Barrington, Cassidi Callaghan, Austen Canal, Jacob DiBiase, Alexis Eastman, Kathleen Glass, Kenzie Koster, Nathaniel Long, Emily Mahoney, Marissa Mazzara, Adam Pierce, Elizabeth Purcell, Natalie Scerbo, and Aidan Sperduti.

Band members from West Genesee who will perform are Laura Alvaro, Zachary Barstow, Alexander Couture, Julian D’Alessandro, Matthew Drum, Sophia Giacona, David (John) Martin, Grant Mathews, Elizabeth Morey, Michael O’Neil, Ian Palmieri, Clara Pinker, Alexander Puchta, Lauren Puchta, Luke Spencer, Eric Wenner, and Ryan Whalen.

The West Genesee students performing in the choir will be Samuel Barth, Sera Bullis, Matthew Cabiles,  Paul Diem, Evan Fairchild, Andrew Gentilcore, Jack Kilroy, Eleanor Moran, Sophia Morphet, Maxwell Oot, Jessica Parsons, Emily Quinn, Abigail Ray, Kaylee Sanders, Jaxson Schorer, Sophia Shortt, Heidi Walsh, Eric Wenner, and Velika Zaitseva.

The following students were accepted to both All-County Choir AND Band/Orchestra, and chose to play their instruments instead of singing: Laura Alvaro, Zachary Barstow, Cassidi Callaghan, Austen Canal, Grant Mathews, Elizabeth Morey, Natalie Scerbo, Aidan Sperduti, and Eric Wenner.