Music Students in All-County Concerts

Jazz All-County

Nine West Genesee students were selected to perform in the All-County Jazz Festival being held at Westhill High School on April 13-14.

Christopher Hess and Alex Toumbacaris from the high school along with Sean Alvaro and Matthew Craybas from CMS will represent us in the Junior High All-County Jazz Concert.

Performing at the festival in the Senior High All- County Jazz Concert are West Genesee High School students are Matthew Aldinger, James Kyle, Micayla MacDougall, Adriel Schoeck, and Alexander Searle.

Also, CMS/WGHS Band teacher, Kevin Dimmel, will be conducting the Junior High Jazz Band at the festival.

Elementary All-County

Forty-eight West Genesee musicians from grades 4-6 will be performing (or selected as alternates) in the Elementary All-County Festival at the West Genesee High School Auditorium (hosted by West Genesee Middle School) on April 6-7.

West Genesee students in the choir from CMS will be Madeleine Barstow, Logan Battaglia, Angelo Procopio, and Cynthia Schlenker; from WGMS are Maria Brandt, Marisa Closson, Alison Offutt, and Joseph Paoli; and from Stonehedge Kaelyn Ashby, Samantha Bullock, Erik Dombroske, Mackenzie Dunham*, Austin Pepoli, and Julianna Sagneri*.

Orchestra members from CMS are Colleen Barry, Claire DeVore, Sonya Dunham, Addison Foster, Jonah Grothier, Anthony Kotlyarov, Zoe Maupin, Jenna Orr, and Erica Volik; from WGMS are Camille Bohli, Alexander Cammarata, Harley Gilbert, Julia Myla, James Mungro III, Zoey Slater, and Kelly Teshale;  from East Hill are Noah Bell and Isabella Dickson*; from Split Rock Alexandra McGlaughlin; and from Stonehedge are Devin Dantuono and Janie Kang.

Members for the band from CMS are Daniel Alvaro, Isabel Gardner, Madalyn Lauricella, Megan Mathews, Joanna Ray, Nathan Renshaw, and Jason Szakacs; and from WGMS are Kendall Fenn, Jacob Gasparini, Kelly McManus, Claire Petty, Lauren Petty, and Charles Sorbello.

* alternate

Junior High All-County

Forty West Genesee musicians from grades 7-9 will be performing in the Junior High All-County Festival at Eagle Hill Middle School on January 26-27.

West Genesee students in the choir from WGHS will be Virgil Dombroski, Annaliese Hays, Eleanor Moran, Maxwell Oot, Cooper Ponto, Emily Quinn, Abigail Ray, and Kaylee Sanders; from CMS students selected are Christian Becker, Matthew Craybas, Olivia Frizzi, Andrew Gentilcore, Ella Kemp, Grant Mathews, Margaret Mello, Max Miller, Ewan Moran, Liam O’Connor, Sophia Patriarco, and Heidi Walsh.

Orchestra members from WGHS are Mia Coots, Elona Kotlyarov, Olivia Murphy, and Adam Pierce; from CMS Sean Alvaro, Taylor Hanlon, and Aidan Sperduti; and from WGMS Lily McDonough and Joshua Varkey will be participating.

Students chosen for the band from WGHS are Laura Alvaro, Alexander Couture, Allison DeJoy, Christopher Hess, Clara Pinker, and Lauren Puchta; and from CMS Zachary Barstow, Paul Diem, and Sofia Lentz; and from WGMS Andrew Sheedy and Max DeMass will perform.

Senior High All-County

West Genesee High School musicians will perform in the Senior High All-County Festival on January 12-13 at Liverpool High School. The senior high group includes grades 10-12.

West Genesee students selected for the orchestra are Jessica Fiello, Sarah Fortais, Anna Gonchar, Katherine Graziano, Nina Kishova, Joanna Maressa*, Julia Mortas, Nicholas Mulderig, Elizabeth Purcell, Colin Reardon*, Alexander Searle, and Paige Togni.

The West Genesee students in the choir are Matthew Aldinger, Benjamin Bosak, Sera Bullis, Cassidi Callaghan, Kayla Capucilli, Matthew Cabiles, Austen Canal, Molly Channels, Kevin Covert, Lindsey Cunningham*, Ethan Dow, Marissa  Dow, Evan Fairchild, Emma Flaherty*, Anthony Gettino*, Rose Hays, Allison Leonard, Joanna Maressa*, Carter McCrea, Grace Miller, Jael Niedermaier, Jessica Parsons, Joseph Pelton, David Pinker, Emma Pinker, David Pugh, Colin Reardon*, Sophia Short, Anna Kate Waters, Eric Wenner*, and John (Henri) Youmans.

Band members from West Genesee who have been selected to perform are Noah Annable, Declan Braun, Adam Buff, Lindsey Cunningham*, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Emma Flaherty*, Thomas Gentile, Anthony Gettino*, Sophia Giacona, Matty Hammon, Kayla Hoovler, Robert Jocz, James Kyle, Daniel Lounsbery, Matthew Mahaney, Emily Mahoney, Sangu Mbekelu, Christopher McAfee, Alexander Petty, Alexa Robbins, Makenzie Robbins, Adriel Schoeck, Abigail Sullivan, and Eric Wenner*.

*Students who made All-County Chorus and All-County Band or Orchestra