Congratulations to National Honor Society Inductees: Recording of NHS Induction Ceremony now Available!

NHS Ceremony CollageCongratulations to the students from West Genesee High School who were inducted into membership of the National Honor Society at the High School on May 3, 2021. These members were selected by a faculty council for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character:

Jacob Adams
Hayden Anderson
Sereen Awawda
Erin Barkley
Alexis Barr
Kylee Barry
Zachary Barstow
Samuel Barth
Molly Benetti
Julia Biggs
Madison Boyles
Michael Broccoli
Morgan Bush
Richard Buza III
Anna Caruso
Delaney Casson
Benjamin Chamberlain
Caden Chapola
Connor Christie
Sean Cipro
Margaret Clancy
Carolyn Coffey
Abigail Cooper
Shannon Corbett
Isabelle Creaser
Julia Dattellas
Brenna Dickey
Erin DiPaola
Brianna Drury
Cade Duda
Connor Dunham
Carmen Dyer-Glaser
Diego Dyer-Glaser
Alana Eastman
Anita Edgar
Abigail Fassinger
Aidan Fassinger
Alexis Fassinger
Daniel Flaherty
Shannon Flynn
Katherine Ford
Chase Foresti
Brenna Francisco
Kelsey Frary
Madison Frost
Jack Garvey
Kathleen Glass
Abigail Goshow
Sarah Graham
Timothy Heise
Cameron Hovater
Julia Jacobs
Mollie James
Janaya Jones
Sara Marie Kelly
Ellie Kenna
Annalyse Kittell
Jebediah Kopek
Kenzie Koster
Emily Kurz
Marisa Lamanna
Grace Lannon
Kayla Latone
Maxwell Lauricella
Macey Lawton
Molly Leonard
Angelina Llanos
Katherine Long
Natalie Lychowid
Brian Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney
Allison Major
Grant Mathews
Lily McDonough
Emma McGiveron
Colleen McInerney
Meagan Medina
Graye Mehl
Ella Merritt
Savannah Metcalfe
Julia Miller
Max Miller
Emily Naughton
Sara Nelson
Kerrigan Nish
Gina O’Brien
Liam O’Connor
Zoe Orr
River Oudemool
Anthony Paini
Ian Palmieri
Shane Palmieri
Aidan Palumbo
Thomas Parisi
Jack Parrott
Robert Patch
Abby Pattermann
Emily Pattermann
Nicholas Personte
Olivia Pistello
McKenzie Ponto
Alexander Puchta
Patrick Quinn
Ella Robertson
Sam Rosa
Cameron Rosenthal
Daniel Rustay
Elizabeth Sachar
James Schneid
Andrew Sheedy
Margaret Sheehan
Viktoriia Shpak
Cecilia Sidorovski
Alison Sincebaugh
Avery Small
Bradley Smith
Joseph Snyder Jr
Aidan Sperduti
Julia Supernault
Arianna Thompson
James Tully
Julia Turton
Leah VandenBerg
Joshua Varkey
Thomas Vertucci
Ryan Vormwald
Abigail Walsh
Aidan Walsh
Bryce Walsh
Heidi Walsh
Abigail Werbeck
Tanner Young

Cookies for NHS DonatedAlso, a big thank you to Wegmans for helping us celebrate our students at last night’s National Honor Society induction. Thank you!


National Honor Society Induction Ceremony to Held at High School and Via Livestream

The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony being held at the West Genesee High School Auditorium on Monday, May 3, 2021 will be livestreamed for the community to view by clicking here starting at 7:00 p.m. (Please refresh your screen a few minutes before the event starts if you join us before 7:00 p.m.) 

This event ws recorded and is available below or by clicking on this link.