National World Language Week at CMS

CMS World Language Posters
Pictured above with their winning posters are CMS students Layla Meaney, Arianna Rogers, Lexi Schweitzer, and Ava Pizarro.

National World Language Week has come to an end and the poster contest winners at Camillus Middle School have been announced. The first place winner is Ava Pizarro, followed by Arianna Rogers and Alexis Schweitzer with second place, and Layla Meany’s poster placed third. Congratulations to all four. Those posters will move on to our Regional World Language Organization Poster Contest (LECNY- Language Educators of CNY) to compete for a top prize. Thank you to all that participated in World Language Week, and congratulations to the winners!

They also celebrated with trivia, music, and announcements in many of the world languages spoken by our students in the West Genesee community. We would like to highlight the students that volunteered to tell us the date, day of the week, the language they are speaking, plus a little about themselves in a language that they speak outside of the classroom/at home. Thank you to Dalya Zahran (Arabic), Alexandra Landrian (Spanish), Ivanna Kiziv (Ukrainian), Ahmed Elsharkawy (Arabic), Christina-Joy Kouakou (French), Melaniia Hoidalo (Ukrainian), Sachika Capria (Japanese), Melike Duz (Turkish) and Anya Kohut (Ukrainian).

CMS World Language Announcers
Pictured above in the front row from left to right is Dalya Zahran, Anya Kohut, Melike Duz, Sachika (Sachi) Capria, in the middle from left of right is middle row: Ivanna Kiziv, Melaniia Hoidalo, Christina-Joy(CJ) Kouakou, Alexandra Landrian, and in the back row is Ahmed Elsharkawy.