New Statement from the Board of Education

The Board of Education has asked, and Superintendent Brown has agreed to part ways in the best interest of the District and has agreed to enter into a Separation Agreement which will be considered by the Board on Wednesday. We have come to this Agreement to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation on behalf of the District against Dr. Brown or by Dr. Brown against the District. Dr. Brown will resign effective January 23, 2019.  The Board wants to thank Dr. Brown for his eleven (11) years of leadership and for his dedicated service. The Board acknowledges the Superintendent’s cooperation in bringing this matter to an expedited conclusion.

The Board is pleased to announce that Dr. Jody Manning, OCM BOCES District Superintendent, has volunteered to serve as the Acting Superintendent of Schools for the School District. Upon appointment, Dr. Manning will serve the School District without receiving any compensation for as long as it takes the Board to hire an Interim Superintendent of Schools. The Board appreciates Dr. Manning’s leadership and service to West Genesee on top of his day-to-day activities of leading the OCM BOCES.

The Board would also like to recognize the extra efforts of the administrative team who have stepped up to keep the School District functioning at its usual high level. The Board is very appreciative of all the teachers and staff who have kept students and education at the forefront during these past few weeks. As it was told to the Board President; “This is our job.  This is what we do” and we are grateful for that.

The Board thanks the Wildcat community for their support, their candor, their appreciation and their constructive criticism. These past few weeks have been challenging, but out of this comes learning opportunities for the Board and going forward we will take advantage of and learn from those teaching moments.

The West Genesee Board of Education is dedicated to serving this District and community and are committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of West Genesee.

Every day is a great day to be a Wildcat.


Roberta Herron
President, West Genesee Board of Education