OnePay Membership Feature on MySchoolBucks

There is a new feature available on MySchoolBucks. This option is designed to CAP annual costs for those folks who may not have the means to add large deposits, routinely make smaller ($10, $20) deposits, and thus may make 15 or 20 deposits a year.

OnePay – Lower Priced E-Check Membership Option (Click here for Parent Flyer)

MySchoolBusck One-Pay Flyer ImageOnePay gives parents the option to pay an upfront fee of $12.95 Single Student/ $26.95 Family, and for the next 12 months after signing up, all transaction fees are covered, as long as the parent uses his or her checking account for all transactions.

This program is not available for MySchoolBucks deposits made by debit card or credit card.

To sign up for this benefit, please refer to the attached flyer linked above and login to your MySchoolBucks account.

If you have any trouble accessing the PDF documents on this page, please contact the Publications Office at or call (315) 487-2179.