East Hill PTA Community Service Scholarship


April 5


East Hill PTA Community Service Scholarship

The East Hill PTA will award $500 to one West Genesee High School graduating senior who attended East Hill Elementary School and has completed a minimum of 35 hours of independent community service hours within the past 12 months.  Applicants must create a written reflection piece of at least one of their community service endeavors following the essay guidelines below.  The essay will be approximately two pages in length with a standard 12 point font, double spaced and one inch margins.

Students must also include with the essay;

  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation from individuals who directly supervised their volunteer work at the service location(s).
  • A list all community service hours worked in the past 12 months including the name of the agency where the community service was provided, the dates of service, and total hours earned.
  • Student must also include a copy of their acceptance letter into a post-secondary institution.

Evaluation: The evaluation process will consist of a review of all submitted application materials by the East Hill PTA Scholarship Review Committee.

Essay Guidelines

The narrative MUST include:

  • A description of the service activity (or activities)
  • The location and duration of the activity
  • The mission of the organization that you assisted
  • Why was this organization chosen?
  • What did you learn about yourself and others as a result of your service?
  • How will this community service experience impact your future?

You may also include:

  • Stories or reflections on a specific person you met and/or a specific event that happened during your service
  • How you felt during your service or at the completion of your service
  • Would you help this organization again in the future?
  • Is there another organization or field of work that this service has inspired you to help?
  • Reflections on how community service has changed your outlook on the world or global topics and/or your future plans and career
  • Any other personal comments or stories about your service