School Budget Vote-Postcard Clarification

School Budget Vote-Postcard Clarification

Many of our residents have begun to receive postcards with budget vote information. This is a new requirement under the Governor’s Executive Order. With our legal counsel, we prepared the postcard to assure the required wording met the Executive Order.

We would like to clarify one of the segments that may be misinterpreted. The postcard indicates that your address is in the District and you will receive “at least” one absentee ballot. However, please be assured that we will be mailing over 24,000 ballots to all eligible voters per our voter registration list. This list is based on the voter registration information provided by Onondaga County to our voter registration vendor Bold Systems. Again, please be assured that if there are more than one eligible voter in your home, you should receive multiple ballots.

Therefore, there is no need to contact us to request ballots. We will be mailing ballots to ALL eligible voters on or about May 26, 2020. If you do not receive a ballot shortly after the 26th, only then would you contact us for a ballot.

If you would like to confirm that you are on our eligible voter list, please go to the following link on our website:

Click here to see if you are registered.

If you are not on our eligible registration listing on this site, then please email and we will assure that you are on the mailing it added to our list.

We appreciate your patience through these unprecedented times.