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Knowing My Words and Actions Affect Others


  • Friday, November 15-Book Fair 
  • Friday, November 15- Chess Club 8:30 am
  • Saturday, November 16- Syracuse Crunch Grade 4 Chorus 
  • Monday, November 18- Merry Go Round  Grade 3
  • Tuesday, November 19- PTO Tully’s Fundraiser

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Birthdays Celebrated this Week!

  • Sunday, November 10- Ari Tolliver, Alexis Wood 
  • Tuesday, November 12- Caleb Grant, Grace Bourdeau
  • Wednesday, November 13- William Sullivan 
  • Thursday, November 14- Aedan Hanifan 

What’s For Lunch?

  • Friday, November 15- Homemade Pizza with Garlic,  and Mozzarella Cheese 
    OR just Cheese, Fresh Carrots with Ranch Dressing, Chilled Diced Peaches
  • Monday, November 18- Crispy Chicken Tenders, Smiley Potatoes, Bush’s Baked Beans, Fresh Apple
  • Tuesday, November 19- Walking Taco,  (Doritos, taco meat, cheese & lettuce & salsa), Steamed Sweet Corn Chilled Mandarin Oranges

Positivity Project Shield with Words

This weeks’ trait is “#Knowing My Words and Actions Affect Others