Conference/Workshop Request Procedures

Please follow the following procedure below to submit a conference/workshop request:

It is strongly suggested that you turn on “email notifications” for Pending Approvals in your My Learning Plan “profile” before starting this process.

  1. You must submit your request in My Learning Plan(MLP) at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the conference for appropriate approvals.
  2. All approvals either approving or denying the request are on MLP. Please verify your approvals on MLP two (2) weeks prior to your conference.
  3. Once you have been approved:
    1. Advise the appropriate staff member or BOCES sub service to request a substitute for approved conference day(s). Please let your building secretary also know.
    2. If you are required to stay overnight and your New York State hotel fee is approved by the District/Building you may need to provide a copy of the District Tax Exemption Letter and Exemption Certificate ST-129 to the hotel prior to your stay. These can also be found in MLP under My File Library.
  4. Within two (2) weeks after attending the conference/workshop: (these  steps are necessary for final approval and/or reimbursement)
    1. Complete the Google mileage sheet  (if needed).   You must be logged in to your WG Google account.
    2. Complete the activity evaluation and mark complete.
    3. Scan in all pertinent documentation – receipts, certificates, etc. to your computer and upload to your “File Library” on MLP
    4. Attach the necessary files you just uploaded within the conference/workshop you attended in MLP.
    5. Complete the  Conference Expense Voucher. This form is also available on MLP.  Attach original receipts and send to the Curriculum and Instruction office. See specific directions on Conference Expense Voucher for all reimbursable items.