Statement from Supt. Bills about Social Media Posts

West Genesee School District was made aware of alarming posts to social media reportedly connected to a “George Floyd Challenge”. The District has been involved in conducting a thorough investigation relative to violations within our Code of Conduct and procedures outlined in NYS Education Law.

West Genesee is committed to an educational environment that promotes respect, dignity, and equality. Any act to the contrary is detrimental to student learning and achievement. It interferes with the mission of the District to educate its students and disrupts the operation of the schools. Such behavior affects not only the students involved but also those individuals who witness such acts. We remain committed to our schools as a safe place for all of our students.

We have received communication from community members understandably expressing outrage, support for persons of color, and a concern of silence from the District. We completely agree and find the acts deplorable and unacceptable. Further, we understand that the response needs to be more than this message, more than punitive action holding those responsible accountable, and must include restorative practice, learning, and uncomfortable conversations. We care very much about this issue as is evident with discussions, committees, and resources across the past months. We also recognize we must continue and we must do more.

In future meetings, the West Genesee Board of Education will receive ongoing reports from the District Diversity Action Team, and discussions will be included in Curriculum Councils, Parent Curriculum Information Council, and other groups for ways to continue this very important work. It will be another way that we must be West Genesee Stronger Together!