Letter from Supt. Bills: TikTok

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December 16, 2021

Dear West Genesee parents, staff, and students,

Earlier this afternoon, the District became aware of a national wide-spread and generalized social media-based threat related to school violence on the platform TikTok. These posts are associated with Friday, December 17. This generalized threat is not specific to West Genesee or any district, local or otherwise. While at this time it does not appear credible, we are taking it seriously.

The District has been in communication with the Camillus Police Department. They are aware of the TikTok situation and agree that the current situation does not indicate a credible threat.  That said, our School Resource Officers will continue as a visible presence in our schools and there will be additional patrols in our community.

The safety and security of our students and staff will remain our top priority. If at any time we receive further information that changes the current assessment of the situation we will act promptly and communicate appropriately.

As with CMS Principal Przybylski’s separate message this morning, it is important that we monitor students’ social media accounts closely at school and home. We continue to urge students to say something if they see something.  As we know, the immediate nature of communication through social media can be inappropriate, misleading, and potentially dangerous.

Thank you for your continued partnership.