UPDATED Statement from the Board of Education

January 11, 2019

While we have done our best to reach out individually to those who have contacted us; the Board would like to release the following statement to the West Genesee community:

The Board recognizes and empathizes with the anxiety that recent happenings brought upon our Wildcat family. While this is not easy on any of us; we have every confidence that we will persevere.

The Board has retained independent counsel with the firm of Ferrara Fiorenza PC. They are conducting a thorough investigation as expeditiously as possible. This firm represents the Board of Education which means that its duty of loyalty is to the Board of Education, not to the school district administrators or other employees. It is important that we allow all of the facts to be reviewed and follow due process in this matter. As such, the Board will not comment on or discuss any content of the investigation until the investigation has been completed. We cannot commit to a time frame for this investigation to be finalized but are hopeful to come to completion within the next two (2) weeks.

To address some frequent questions that have been asked to the Board:

The superintendent is the employee of the West Genesee Board of Education. The Board will not comment on or make decisions about any employees in the District who do not report to the Board of Education and are not within our purview.

When the superintendent is out the standard protocol for day-to-day operations is to delegate these responsibilities to the Assistant Superintendents of Curriculum and Instruction, Management Services, and the Director of Staff Relations.

It has been past precedence that the superintendent announces weather-related closings and delays. The superintendent sent out the recent notifications and will continue to do so.

A return date has not been established. Dr. Brown’s time off amounts can be found in his contract; a recent version can be located through seethroughny.net.

We will do our best to continue to answer any questions that we can and appreciate all of your support.


Roberta Herron
President, West Genesee Board of Education

January 4, 2019

The West Genesee School board has been made aware of recent comments on social media about Dr. Brown. At this time, we do not have enough factual information to make a proper comment on this.  The school district is conducting an investigation into this matter.  When we have accurate information, we will send out a formal communication to the West Genesee community.

Dr. Brown currently remains as superintendent.


Roberta Herron
President, West Genesee Board of Education