About Stonehedge Elementary School


Brent Suddaby: Gold Team- Grades 3-5; bsuddaby@westgenesee.org; (315) 487-4631

Amanda Simmons: Blue Team- Grades K-2; asimmons@westgenesee.org; (315) 487-4633

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Stonehedge Elementary School is nestled in the heart of a lovely Camillus neighborhood. Our campus has expansive lawns and playing fields that surround and separate the West Genesee District Office Building at the north end, West Genesee Middle School at the south end and our school in the center.

Stonehedge Elementary School opened in 1962 as a kindergarten through grade 6 facility. Our two story addition was opened for the 1967-68 school year.   A capital project brought major renovations in 1994.  Since that time, our Buildings and Grounds Department has kept our facility well maintained. The district has invested in state-of-the-art instructional technology for every classroom. Presently, Stonehedge has approximately 820 students. Stonehedge Elementary School is organized into two teams. The primary “Blue Team” is in the one story wing of our building and houses grades K-2.  The intermediate “Gold Team”, grades 3-5, occupies the two story wing.  Mrs. Amanda Simmons is the Blue Team Principal and Mr. Brent Suddaby is the Principal of the Gold Team.

The exceptional faculty on both teams work together to make Stonehedge Elementary one community, where all students feel a sense of belonging and experience success every day. Our faculty and staff strive to maintain a positive learning environment that is focused on high expectations for students and their growth in the skills, knowledge, sense of responsibility and respect necessary to be successful students and citizens.

Stonehedge Elementary is also fortunate to have an active and supportive Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  Our PTA sponsors many programs for students including character education assemblies, cultural programs, guest authors, an enrichment program, family activity nights, and Pick A Reading Partners (PARP).

The Stonehedge community is a great place for children and families.  We are very proud of our outstanding students and their accomplishments while at Stonehedge; and after graduating to greater challenges.