Student Achievement, Recognition, and the Future of Class Rank

Achievement Class Rank Article ImageA team of stakeholders (representation from parents, students, teachers, counselors, and administrators) have resumed a review of alternative ways to recognize student achievement for West Genesee graduates.

This work, which began as a Strategic Planning focus area in 2021, continues to look at the diminishing role that class rank has in the college application and acceptance process. For example, the most recent release of SUNY Cortland’s admission pool showed that two-thirds of applicants came from high schools that no longer rank graduates based on grade point average. Therefore, the college did not consider any applicant’s class rank when considering acceptance.

Alternative models for recognizing and honoring student achievement (other than class rank) are under exploration. If you would like more information about this team’s work, please contact Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Brian Kesel at 315-487-4564.