Students Receive Recognition in Model UN Conference

Model UN CNY LogoThe 40th annual Model United Nations (UN) Conference was held on January 6-7, 2023 at Syracuse University and was attended by students from across the state.

Each student is assigned to a committee where they work to resolve a societal condition by negotiating with other members. Each member must represent their country’s position and maintain, to the best of their ability, their status in world affairs.The keynote speaker was John D. Palmer who spoke about issues of Race and White Supremacy; Equity and Social Justice Education Policy and Practices; and Forgotten, Isolated, and Oppressed Schools.

West Genesee’s ten delegates represented China, Estonia, Somalia, and Bahrain while two represented delegate roles.

Anthony Edgar won the Best New Delegate award for the Arab League Conference. Bahiyeh Bserani received an Honorable Mention for Best Delegate of the NATO Conference, and Nicole Vasilev received an Honorable Mention for the Best Delegate of the China Cabinet.

Other students participating at this year’s event from WGHS were Brady Barrett, Maryia Kostiv, Isabella Marachuk, Jaden Mattimore, Julianna Russo, Frank Nazarkiewicz, and Eyad Zahran.