Students Receive Scholastic Art Recognition in 2022

Sixteen West Genesee students received a total of twenty-six awards in the 2022 Scholastic Art Awards competition. The students, along with their award, school, grade level, art category, and titles are listed at below.

The West Genesee artists are students of John Capria, William Haining, Gigina Long, and Jennifer Schrader at the high school, and Kyle Mort at Camillus Middle School. The students are in grades 8-12.

All Gold Key winning artwork will be sent to the national competition in New York City. National medal winners are announced in early March. The event is sponsored by M&T Bank.

(Images of the artwork are below in collages and are also available individually on our Facebook page in a photo album.)

Gold Key

  • Isabella Corrigan-CMS 8th-Design-Sea Turtle Playing Card
  • Gwenyth DeMass-WGHS 9th-Digital Art-Reticent
  • Maggie Kaminski (3)-WGHS 12th-Digital Art-The Flowers on My Grave; Painting-Forgotten; Sculpture-Self-Made Man
  • Nathan Peek-WGHS 12th-Digital Art-Clumped


Silver Key

  • Lily Owens-CMS 8th-Design-Self-Portrait Playing Card
  • Gwenyth DeMass (2)-WGHS 9th-Digital Art-Skeleton Rose; Digital Art-Sunflower
  • Jaclyn Rivaldo-WGHS 10th-Photography-Broken Promises
  • Allison Shortslef-WGHS 10th-Mixed Media-Flowers
  • Gianna Barletta-Spuches-WGHS 11th-Photography-Reaching into the Past
  • Maggie Kaminski (2)-WGHS 12th-Art Portfolio-Journey for the Departed; Digital Art-A Day in the Life
  • Lily Reighter-WGHS 12th-Ceramics and Glass-Brownstone

Scholastic Silver Key Collage 2022

Honorable Mention

  • Kathryn Klaczko-CMS 8th-Design-Design by Kai
  • Taylor MacCaull-CMS 8th-Design-Calf Playing Card
  • Lily Owens-CMS 8th-Printmaking-Jelly Print
  • Sienna Baron (2)-WGHS 9th-Painting-Car in the Woods; Sculpture-Copper Trees
  • Ella Boyer-WGHS 9th-Mixed Media-Butterfly Self-Portrait
  • Gwenyth DeMass-WGHS 9th-Digital Art-Skeleton Flowers
  • Maggie Kaminski-WGHS 12th-Digital Art-Self-Portrait
  • Colleen McInerney-WGHS 12th-Sculpture-Sneaker
  • Emily Pattermann-WGHS 12th-Digital Art-Dramatic
  • Nathan Peek-WGHS 12th-Digital Art-Blanket

Scholastic Art Honorable Mention Collage 2022