Students Receive Scholastic Art Recognition in 2023

Nineteen West Genesee High School students received a total of thirty-five awards in the 2023 Scholastic Art Awards competition. Artwork is evaluated on originality, technical skill, and  personal vision.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were launched in 1923 to encourage and recognize student achievement in the creative arts. Now celebrating their 100th Anniversary, The Scholastic Awards attract over 350,000 entries in 28 categories of writing and the visual arts.

The West Genesee artists are students, in grades 9-12, of John Capria, Gigina Long, and Michael LaFay. The students, along with their award, grade level, art category, and artwork titles are listed below.

All Gold Key winning artwork will be sent to the national competition in New York City. National medal winners are announced in early March. The event is sponsored by M&T Bank.

(Images of the artwork are below in collages and are also available individually on our Facebook page in a photo album.)

Gold Key

  • Annalin Hyatt-9th Grade-Photography-Enchanted Fern
  • Vinny Danylyshyn-10th Grade-Digital Art-Tea Time
  • Gwenyth DeMass-10th Grade-Digital Art-Self-Portrait
  • Lyllian Grell-11th Grade-Photography-Working Hands
  • Zoe Maupin-11th Grade-Digital Art-Musical Life Cycle 
  • Zoey Slater-11th Grade-Photography-The Experience Is From Afar
  • Elsa Propper (2)-12th Grade-Photography-Hardcore; Truth Cult

Scholastic Art Gold Key 2023

Silver Key

  • Ella Boyer-10th Grade-Painting-I am a Spectrum
  • Leah Bigelow-12th Grade-Photography-Mara
  • Emelia Gardner-12th Grade-Digital Art-Movement
  • Elsa Propper (2)-12th Grade-Photography-Emelia; Exhibition
  • Coralista Ruge (3)-12th Grade-Editorial Cartoon (2)-Cutie Magazine; Model Digest; Digital Art (1)-Paparazzi

Scholastic Art Silver Key Winners 2023

Honorable Mention

  • Lillian Lesperance-9th Grade-Photography-Golden Gatherings
  • Amelia Vezey (2)-9th Grade-Photography-Fifty Fifty Monochrome; Front Yard Photography
  • Ella Boyer (2)-10th Grade-Painting-Caught Your Gaze; Sitting in Hell with You
  • Kaitlyn Hoy-11th Grade-Photography-Cloistered
  • Zoey Slater-11th Grade-Photography-Blown Away Child Wishes
  • Christian Allen-12th Grade-Fashion-Bag
  • Margaret Dalgety-12th Grade-Ceramics & Glass-Fiddle
  • Isabella Felicia-12th Grade-Sculpture-Untitled
  • Elle Mcnamara-12th Grade-Drawing & Illustration-Destruction and Displacement
  • Alexa Pepoli-12th Grade-Digital Art-Deer
  • Elsa Propper (5)-12th Grade-Art Portfolio (1)-Syracuse Hardcore; Photography (4)-Blue Room; In the Brush; Minds Eye; Silver Street
  • Coralista Ruge (2)-12th Grade-Drawing & Illustration (1)-A Mannequin; Digital Art (1)-Do you Love Me?

Scholastic Art Awards Honorable Mention Collage 2023