Top District Spellers Compete


Top 12 WG District Spelling Bee Students
The top twelve spellers to go on to compete at the next level are pictured above. In front, from left to right, are Harrison Card, Ryan Limpert, Veronica Ann Moss, Logan Battaglia, and Cooper Corcoran. In the back row, from left to right, are Lilliana Corrigan, James (Jim) Manard, Payton Voss, Joanna Ray, James (Jamie) O’Donnell, Hailey Hann, and Sophia Van Horn.

On November 8, West Genesee Middle School students Cooper Corcoran and James (Jamie) O’Donnell came in first and second place, respectively, as they faced-off spelling such words as “peripheral” and “porcelain” in the West Genesee Spelling Bee.

West Genesee sent 12 students to join others from Central New York for a written test on January 12. Hailey Hahn and James (Jim) Maynard were among the top 35 spellers from that round will compete in the The Post-Standard WCNY Spelling Bee oral spell-down on March 2.

Listed at right, under the picture, are the students represented West Genesee for the written test. Below they are listed in the order in which they placed in our District Spelling Bee.

1)  Cooper Corcoran (WGMS)

2)  James (Jamie) O’Donnell (WGMS)

3)  Sophia VanHorn (WGMS)

4)  Hailey Hann (WGMS)

5)  Logan Battaglia (CMS)

6)  Joanna Ray (CMS)

7)  Payton Voss (CMS)

8)  Lilliana Corrigan (CMS)

9)  Veronica Ann Moss (Stonehedge)

10) Ryan Limpert (Stonehedge)

11) Harrison Card (Stonehedge)

12) James (Jim) Manard (CMS)