West Genesee Artists Recognized at Scholastic Art Competition

Thirty West Genesee students received a total of fifty-two awards in the 2018 Scholastic Art Awards competition. The students, along with their award, school, grade level, art category, and titles are listed below.

The West Genesee artists are students of John Capria, Bill Haining, Gigina Long, and Jennifer Schrader at the high school; and Gigina Long at CMS. The students are in grades 7-12.

The exhibit will be open for public display after an awards ceremony January 12 for gold key, silver key and special awards and will be shown through March 2 at Onondaga Community College. Entries are judged by professional artists and photographers. There will be an exhibit of select pieces from the silver key and honorable mention pieces at the Everson Museum from March 10 through April 8.

All gold key winners will be sent to the national competition in New York City. National medal winners are announced in early March.

The event is sponsored by M&T Bank and hosted by Onondaga Community College.

Gold Key

  • Adrianna Mondello-WGHS 9th Grade-Jewelry-Bracelets
  • Elyssia Baez-WGHS 11th Grade-Digital Art-Glitch
  • Andrew DeSellems (2)-WGHS 11th Grade-Photography-Chrome; Rave at 54
  • Marisa Piedigrossi (2)-WGHS 11th Grade-Photography-Carona 1960; Digital Art-Mountain Tops
  • Brianna Orendorf-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Dying Beauty
  • Emelia Schwartz-WGHS 12th Grade-Jewelry-Flower Bracelet

Silver Key

  • Lia Rice- CMS 7th Grade-Drawing/Illustration-Fantasy
  • Gabrielle Mitchell-WGHS 9th Grade-Photography-Graffiti
  • Elyssia Baez-WGHS 11th Grade-Digital Art-Low Poly
  • Greta Hahn-WGHS 11th Grade-Mixed Media-Beets
  • Anne Marie Marnell-WGHS 11th Grade-Ceramics/Glass-Arthritic
  • Olivia Misciagna-WGHS 11th Grade-Mixed Media-Self-Portrait
  • Zachary Mondello (2)-WGHS 11th Grade-Photography-Hotel/Digital Art-Buffalo
  • Chloe Soltys-WGHS 11th Grade- Digital Art-Being Andy
  • Mi Tran-WGHS 11th Grade-Ceramics/Glass-Earth and Air
  • Camille Watts-WGHS 11th Grade-Photography-On Pointe
  • Audrey Dennis (2)-WGHS 12th Grade- Photography-Abby; Dancer
  • Amelia Fisher-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Utopian
  • Cecily Kawejsza-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Gretzky
  • Jessica Lindstrom-WGHS 12th Grade- Photography-Fusion
  • Brianna Orendorf (3)-WGHS 12th Grade-Art Portfolio-Equestrian
  • Beauty;Photography (2)-A Day’s Work; Hanging Leather
  • Lukas Reed-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-The World Won’t Listen
  • Morgan Tait-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Shadow Garden
  • McKenzie Washington-WGHS 12th Grade-Art Portfolio-Mental Health Awareness

Honorable Mention

  • Maria Bove-WGHS 9th Grade-Ceramics/Glass-Leaf Serving Set
  • Gabrielle Mitchell-WGHS 9th Grade-Digital Art-Boardwalk Lights
  • Alexander Bower-WGHS 10th Grade-Jewelry-Elephant
  • Greta Hahn-WGHS 11th Grade-Mixed Media-Function
  • Anne Marie Marnell-WGHS 11th Grade-Ceramics/Glass-Oasis
  • Zachary Mondello (5) -WGHS 11th Grade-Photography (4)-Boats and Mountains; Iceberg; Mountain Reflection; Pelican;Digital Art-Devils Tower
  • Camille Watts (3)-WGHS 11th Grade-Photography (3)-Enchantment; Est. 1964; Haley
  • Natalie Bullis-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Upside Down
  • Audrey Dennis (2)-WGHS 12th Grade-Digital Art-Double Exposure; Sun Daze
  • Cecily Kawejsza-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Warrior of Light
  • Brianna Orendorf-WGHS 12th  Grade-Photography-Softest Touch
  • Emelia Schwartz-WGHS 12th  Grade-Jewelry-Dichroic Fused Pendant
  • Michael Sicherman (2)-WGHS 12th  Grade-Ceramics/Glass-Cardboard; Why?
  • Morgan Tait-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Elementary Perspective