West Genesee Inaugural Elementary Olympics was a Great Success!

On Friday, May 24, the West Genesee Inaugural Elementary Olympics for special education students took place at the high school.

When East Hill physical education teacher Molly O’Keefe learned that the criteria for athletes to participate in this year’s Special Olympics in North Syracuse would prevent several students from participating, some of whom had been participating for years, she decided to do something about it.

She went to her principal and said, “Why don’t we do our own?” She worked with the West Genesee Central School District physical education staff as well as a team of interested East Hill staff to pull off this event.

Students took part in several track events, including the 50m, 100m, and 200m, and field events, including the shot put, standing long jump, softball throw, and hurdles.

This event would not have been possible without the generosity shown from several local businesses, including G.M. Crisalli and Associates Inc., West Genesee Athletic Boosters, Pathfinder Bank, Leonard Bus Sales, The Wildcat, Carol’s Polar Parlor, Pete’s Polar Parlor, Wegmans, and Target. In addition, a District-wide jeans day was held that raised over $1,000.00.

West Genesee High School students in the Positivity Project Club, as well as several other student volunteers, helped to make this day special. Students entered the field as the drum line played, and a high school junior sang the National Anthem.

Fifty-nine West Genesee Elementary students (from East Hill, Onondaga Road, Split Rock and Stonehedge Elementary Schools) participated this year. It was a very special event for all!