West Genesee High School Students Present Bye Bye Birdie

Poster for Bye Bye Birdie at WGHSJoin us as West Genesee High School students present the musical Bye Bye Birdie. Shows are Thursday, February 7 and Friday, February 8, at 7:00 p.m., and Saturday, February 9 at 2:00 p.m.

The year is 1958, and the rock-and-roll idol making every teenage girl swoon, Conrad Birdie (Matthew Aldinger), has been drafted into the US Army. His fans are devastated, but none more than his songwriter and agent, Albert Peterson (Matthew Cabiles). Rose Alvarez (Anna Kate Waters), Albert’s more-than-a-secretary,  schemes a farewell performance to take place on the Ed Sullivan Show. It is a desperate attempt to save Albert’s career, and any hope of their romance.  The Almaelou record company is also at stake, as Mrs. Mae Peterson (Ella Moran) very subtly points out.

Leads of Bye Bye BirdieAlbert pens a new song, “One Last Kiss,” for Conrad to sing to fan club member Kim MacAfee (Cassidi Callaghan) bidding her farewell with an actual kiss! The plan is ripe for success; but no one has counted on the jealous wrath of Kim’s new steady, Hugo Peabody (Aidan Sperduti), or the antics of her star struck father, Harry MacAfee (Henri Youmans).

West Genesee’s production of Bye Bye Birdie is directed by Kristyn Sperduti and Anthony Alvaro (music director) and produced by Andrea Scerbo. The choreography is by Bradley Benjamin-Stone. Technical direction is provided by Bill Mercer (lighting director),  Steve Ficarra (technical director), and  Corey Hobin (sound director). All costumes are designed by Cindy Kissane and Lisa Mason. The production photographer is Dave Mason and graphic design is by Chris Andrews.

Tickets are $12 and may be purchased at www.etix.com or at the door. All seats are reserved.

Cast List

Albert Peterson: Matthew Cabiles

Rose Alvarez: Anna Kate Waters

Ursula Merkle: Sera Bullis

Kim MacAfee: Cassidi Callaghan

Mrs. Doris MacAfee: Rose Hays

Mr. Harry MacAfee: Henri Youmans

Randolph MacAfee: Daniel Alvaro, Collin Cervino, John Diem

Mrs. Mae Peterson: Ella Moran

Conrad Birdie: Matthew Aldinger

Mayor Charles F. Maude (Owner/Bartender, Maude’s Bar): Joseph Pelton

Hugo Peabody: Aidan Sperduti

Alice: Laura Alvaro

Margie: Abigail Ray

Deborah Sue: Emily Quinn

Gloria Rasputin: Natasha Skidmore

Helen: Ciarra Thompson

Nancy: Emma Pinker

Penelope: Molly Channels

Suzie: Heidi Walsh

Harvey Johnson: Grant Mathews

Freddie: Liam O’Connor

Karl: Christopher Hess

Donna (“Happy Face” Girl): Natalie Scerbo

Mayor’s Wife: Mia Sveen

Mr. Johnson: Jaxson Schorer

Mrs. Merkle: Victoria Reaume

The Wildcat: Hailey Vuono

Overture – Ed Sullivan: Payton Bird

Cameraman: Joshua Farrell

Featured Teen/Adult Singers

Laura Alvaro, Payton Bird, Sera Bullis, Molly Channels, Leia Dombroske, Marissa Dow, Bryanna Hargrove, Christopher Hess, Sofia Magnante, Grant Mathews, Elizabeth Morey, Sophia Morphet, Holly O’Hern, Emma Pinker, Emily Quinn, Abigail Ray, Natalie Scerbo, Jaxson Schorer, Sophia Shortt, Mia Sveen, Ciarra Thompson, Heidi Walsh

Happy Face Dance Ensemble

Laura Alvaro, Katelyn Channels, Molly Channels, Leia Dombroske, Bryanna Hargrove, Maison Lamanna, Aurora O’Hern, Emma Pinker, Natalie Scerbo, Natasha Skidmore

Ensemble (Reporters, Customers, Train St. Personnel, Travelers, Townspeople, Police, Shriners)

Laura Alvaro, Erin Barkley, Zachary Barstow, Thomas Bidwell, Julia Biggs, Payton Bird, Sofia Bjelanovic, Eryn Cervino, Katelyn Channels, Molly Channels, Mairead Conway, Zara Dafoe, Leia Dombroske, Aislinn Dow, Marissa Dow, Carmen Dyer-Glaser, Diego Dyer-Glaser, Evan Fairchild, Joshua Farrell, Gianna Forte, Brenna Francisco, Andrew Gentilcore, Sarah Hardin, Bryanna Hargrove, Christopher Hess, Jack Kilroy, Maison Lamanna, Sofia Magnante, Grant Mathews, Olivia Misciagna, Elizabeth Morey, Sophia Morphet, Maggie Mulcahey, Emily Naughton, Liam O’Connor, Holly O’Hern, Aurora O’Hern, Danesia Patterson, Emma Pinker, McKenzie Ponto, Emily Quinn, Abigail Ray, Victoria Reaume, Sarah Reynolds, Mark Salanger, Natalie Scerbo, Jaxson Schorer, Sophia Shortt, Natasha Skidmore, Mia Sveen, Eliza Thayer, Ciarra Thompson, Amalia Traino, Heidi Walsh, Velika Zaitseva