West Genesee High School – Students of the Month – Mathematics


Ella Merritt

Headshot of Ella MerrittAs a mathematician in Mrs. Babcock’s Algebra 2 class, Ella Merrit has distinguished herself through her unique enthusiasm, perseverance, teamspirit, and great participation. She is a rising star!

Collin Murphy

headshot of Collin MurphyCollin is a respectful student who is determined to be the best version of himself. His strength in math has not only helped him be successful, but allowed him to guide his peers with class assignments and during class discussions. Collin’s work is always of the highest quality and far exceeds expectations.  Collin’s willingness to  self advocate will allow him to be successful at all he sets forth to do in the future.


Rylee Gonzalez

Headshot of Rylee GonzalezThe evolution of Rylee Gonzalez as a Geometry student this year has been impressive to watch. Her commitment to continually improve her knowledge and skills in this course was clear and admirable. This also led to Rylee becoming a vocal leader in our classroom through consistent participation and encouragement to her classmates. Her motivation and desire to achieve at a high level set a tone in our class that positively impacted all involved. I am appreciative of the fact that I was able to be her Geometry teacher this year. Great job Rylee!


Headshot of Musafa IbdihMustafa is a hard-working and self-motivated student who enjoys healthy competition with his classmates.  His energy level and enthusiasm, along with his outgoing personality and friendliness brings the classroom alive each morning. He is never afraid to ask a question or provide an answer whether in a full class or small group setting, and is always engaged.
Even at home during quarantine, Mustafa has continued to complete all of his work, and reach out regularly.
He is truly a pleasure to have in class.


Antonio Procopio

Headshot of Antonio ProcopioAntonio Procopio is a rising Math star. Through hard work, great effort, enthusiasm, and the highest motivation to do well, Antonio is a valuable asset and member of our Math community.

Brenna Francisco

Headshot of Brenna FranciscoBrenna’s hard work and determination to do her personal best makes her a pleasure to have in class. She is dedicated to her academics and her obligations outside of school. Her perseverance and positive attitude makes her a role model for all of her peers.


Laith Badwan

Headshot of Laith BadwanLaith has worked hard at improving his equation solving skills since switching into Intermediate Algebra with Mrs. Moore. He is attentive and participates during class. Laith is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it, and to try something new and seek feedback.

Margaret Mello

headshot of Margaret MelloMargaret Mello is an ideal selection for the February Math Student of the Month. The positive energy and relentless effort she brings to Mr. Hennigan’s Geometry class every day is unparalleled. Margaret is committed to achieving at a high level and uses an impressive combination of self-motivation and work ethic to ensure her success. Furthermore, Margaret’s ability to support and collaborate with fellow students contributes immensely to a classroom environment that enhances the learning for all involved. Margaret ends each class by saying “thank you” before she heads out the door, however she has been and will continue to be the type of student that deserves our appreciation.


Caitlin Phelan

Headshot of Caitlin PhelanCaitlin Phelan is an outstanding student.  She puts 110% into everything that she does.  She understands the importance of balancing extracurricular activities as well as her school work.  She is a student that you wish you had 30 of in your class.  She has a great personality and always has a smile on her face.  She is outstanding and I am so proud to call her the math student of the month for January.

Joshua Varkey

Headshot of Joshua VarkeyJoshua Varkey is a mathematician in Mrs. Babcock’s Algebra 2 class. Josh distinguishes himself through his aptitude and enthusiasm for math, both in class and outside of class, his hard work, and perseverance. He’s participation in class enrich the mathematical discussions and he never hesitates to help others. Josh is a valuable member of our math community!


Alexander Groesbeck

Headshot of Alexander GroesbeckAlex is in Mrs. Moore’s Regents Algebra 1 class. Alex is retaking the course this year. His turn-around has been remarkable and a joy to witness. It is always a pleasure to watch a student mature and accomplish things that he previously did not think were possible.

Logan Battaglia

Headshot of Logan BattagliaLogan was nominated for Student of the Month by Ms. Scrimale. Logan is a student who works extremely hard and is very enthusiastic about math. She not only practices the content we are working on but looks for ways to use math concepts in other classes. During class, Logan does not hesitate to share her ideas. If there is a student that needs help, Logan is always willing to help by not just give them the answer but to explain it in a way that helps them understand the solution. Overall, Logan is a hard-working student who goes above and beyond to make sure she is successful while also helping the students around her be successful.


Vivian Youmans

Headshot of Vivian YoumansVivian works hard in and out of the classroom. She always has a smile on her face and her positive presence makes others feel comfortable. When Vivian is working a problem, she does not give up. Her perseverance will take her a long way in high school and beyond.

Madison Campbell

Headshot of Madison CampbellIn her freshman Algebra 1 class, Madison started the school year off strong and hasn’t looked back! A key to being successful in math is staying on top of the class work every single day.  Madison always comes to class prepared, with homework completed and focused on the material at hand. Madison is not afraid to ask questions, answer questions or help other students. Her attention to detail and positivity makes her a worthy recipient of the November Student of the Month recognition.


Mikeayla (Mickey) DeJesus

Headshot of Mikeayla DeJesusMickey is a top notch student who strives to do her very best.  She understands what it takes to succeed and does not stop her shelf short of that success. Congratulations on receiving student of the month, keep up the great work!

Rodney Gregory

Headshot of Rodney GregoryRodney is a young man who is always working to the best of his ability.  He has a great work ethic and will help out any of his peers when necessary.  Even when things get a little challenging he still pushes through and does so with a smile on his face.  Congratulations on receiving the student of the month, keep up the great work!