WGMS Clubs and Activities for 2018-2019

French Club

Advisor: Margaret Lerner
Eligible: 7th & 8th Grade French students
Meetings: Monthly meetings during Interaction Time (per announcement)
Descriptions: Various activities to enhance the learning experience of our French students by exploring the culture and language as an extension of the classroom.

Game Club

Advisor: Toni Abdo
Eligible: All students
Meetings: Thursdays during Interaction Time (per announcement)
Descriptions: Students have an opportunity to socialize and play board games.

 Leadership Club

Advisor: Janine Corning
Eligible: All students
Meetings: Wednesdays during IT (December through February)
Descriptions: Develop leadership skills using team building activities. Students will be able to apply their experiences to real world situations.

Optimist Speech Contest

Advisor: Melissa Smith Stacey Sommer
Eligible: All students
Meetings: Meetings typically begin in November and culminates with a district event in February.
Descriptions: Contestants write, memorize, and deliver speeches to differing audiences including the Toastmasters. This contest allows students to polish their writing, editing, and presentation skills in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Students must be willing to write, memorize, and perform their original speech to participate.

Science Fair

Advisor: Judy Allen
Eligible: All students
Meetings: Mandatory meeting in November – TBD. Science Fair is in January.
Descriptions: Students pick a topic of interest to generate a question or a problem. They will use the scientific method to come to a conclusion and then present their investigation to a group of judges. The projects will be on display during a public viewing hour the evening of the Science Fair.

Ski Club

Advisor: Camillus Parks & Recreation, WGMS contact: Janine Corning
Eligible: All students
Meetings: November sign-up paperwork from PE teachers
Descriptions: Labrador Mountain, six Friday nights starting in January.

Spanish Club

Advisor: Spanish Teachers
Eligible: 7th & 8th Grade Spanish students
Meetings: Typically one time per month during Interaction Time (per announcement)
Descriptions: Various activities to enhance the learning experience of our Spanish students by exploring the culture and language as an extension of the classroom.

Spelling Bee

Advisor: Kerry Uy
Eligible: All students
Meetings: October through January
Descriptions: Students from both MS and our four elementary schools compete for a chance to represent WG at local and national spelling bee. Students are given a written test in English classes if they want to participate are are chosen based on their spelling ability.

Tech Club

Advisor: Shanna McCarty
Eligible: All students
Meetings: Thursdays during Interaction Time
Descriptions: Students will be given the opportunity to put their creativity to the test. They will have the chance to work on woodworking projects for themselves and others. Additionally, the group will be taking on a service learning project every quarter where they will help support others by raising awareness of, and money for, different causes.

Art Club

Advisor: Corie Parry-Cantello
Eligible: All students
Meetings: 1x a week typically starting in November during Interaction Time
Descriptions: Students should complete an interest form and return it. The focus of Art Club will be on using various art materials and projects based on student interest. Projects may include jewelry making, fiber arts, drawing and painting. Students should attend weekly to participate in projects.

Yearbook Committee

Advisor: Ann Marie Cantello Angie Keida
Eligible: All students
Meetings: every other Thursday from 3 to 4pm
Descriptions: Criteria for Admission: Completed Application; Good Academic & Behavioral Standing; Parental Permission. Description of Committee Activities: Members are responsible for designing the current year’s edition of the WGMS Yearbook. Members must be committed to attending the regularly scheduled meetings as well as various afterschool events such as sporting events, musical, family fun night, etc. for the purpose of taking photos for the yearbook.

Battle of the Books

Advisor: Jan Chemotti
Eligible: All students
Meetings: There will be an informational meeting in November. Battles are held during IT. The official competition begins in January.
Descriptions: Fun competitions in a Jeopardy-style format; students need parent permission slip, a completed team roster and team logosubmitted before Thanksgiving vacation. Teams of 4 students, each student should read 4 of the books on the list and attend each match. Teams play 3 preliminary competitions and advance based on points accumulated. Final Four competition is held in May.