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Amazon Wish Lists-WGMS Parents Love Our Teachers!

West Genesee Middle School parents and guardians are invited to show their love for WGMS teachers by sending classroom supplies to them via Amazon Wish Lists.

Many of our WGMS teachers spend their personal money to buy classroom supplies. This is an opportunity for parents to ease this financial burden.

Do you remember giving coffee mugs, chocolate, or gift cards to your child’s elementary school teacher during the holidays? This is that, but only better.

This gift is a sign of appreciation for the work they do with our children, it shows respect for their profession, and it fulfills a classroom need.

To participate, select a teacher wish list to see which items they would like to support their teaching. With a few clicks you can fulfill a request and send it to WGMS with an optional note of thanks. This gift can be for a teacher your child has now, or for a teacher they had in the past that has made a difference.

Sending a pack of markers may not seem like a big deal to you, but that gift shows you care. To teachers, that care means the world.

Thank you for considering! If you have any questions about this initiative, please email wgmspta@westgenesee.org.

Amazon Wish Lists

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