West Genesee Streamlines our COVID-19 Communication

West Genesee has launched a chart on our website’s COVID Info/Updates page that will provide the community with current information regarding positive cases as confirmed by the Onondaga County Health Department. The chart will include the date the case was confirmed and the impacted building or school. The chart also indicates how many individuals the Onondaga County Health Department places in mandatory quarantine based on contact tracing data.

When we have a positive case in our District, our team immediately starts to work with the Onondaga County Health Department to investigate and help with contact tracing. We provide data, such as attendance records, schedules, bus routes, and more. The health department uses that information to determine quarantines. Since September, our principals and staff members have been notifying impacted families before the health department makes contact. This means you will hear from us directly if your family is impacted by a positive case of COVID-19 in our District.

In some instances, the OCHD determines that no one is placed in mandatory quarantine. The tracing is based on a two-day lookback period prior to a person becoming symptomatic. These are some examples of how a positive case could lead to no additional quarantines:

  • The 48-hour window includes days when students and staff are not in the buildings.
  • An individual was already in quarantine for more than 48 hours and then became symptomatic.
  • An individual attends school or teaches remotely, thereby having no in-person contact at school.

Please know, if your child is directly impacted and needs to quarantine, you will hear from us. If a school building or multiple schools are closed to in-person instruction, you will be informed. All major announcements will be posted on our website, and sent out via School Messenger. We want to continue to keep you informed in the best way possible.

Thank you for all that you are doing! It continues to be important students are kept home with any symptoms and you remain in communication with our health offices when necessary. We must all stay diligent with health and safety and your efforts are appreciated. Every day there is evidence of West Genesee Stronger Together.