West Side Support Network – Minutes for October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018
West Genesee High School Library

2:45 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

I. Opening and Welcome

Present: Amanda Lerrine, Melissa Lewandowski, Kim Calascibeta, James MacArthur, Anthony Gucciardi, Thomas Winn, Donna Knapp, Debra Ancillotti, Lee Goetcheus, Darlene Angelicchio, Kristina Ciesielski, Katie Battaglia, Erica Henson, Carol Doucette, Gayle Mallore, Mary Gotham, George Rasi, Marie Cullen, Christopher Brown, Shannon Coholan

II. Review of Last Year

A. Forums helped to create a broad network for the group

1. Breakout Sessions
2. Hidden Mischief
3. Key-Note

III. Review of 2018-2019 Mental Health Initiatives (Please see attachment to email)

a. School Mental Health Literacy Requirements
b. Helio Health Partnership at HS (formally SBH)

III. Group Goals for 2018-2019

A. Continue to bring resources to those facing substance use disorder and their families
B. Mental Wellness

1. Suicide prevention
2. Anxiety/Depression
3. Awareness for parents on what stresses out the youth

C. Update NARCAN kits that have expired, offer an additional NARCAN training

D. Presentation for community on Vape/Juuls

E. Community presentation regarding Mental Health Literacy- more than just

F. Camillus Police Department Crisis Intervention Team approach

1. Establish relationships with people within the community with mental
illness and create support plans for when an individual may be in crisis

G. Increase in need for community resources ages 19-24, at age 20 are not able to use the Town Shop, underserviced age group.

H. Alateen meeting, does it still happen at St. Michaels Lutheran Church?

I. Cast a large net and invite other west side communities to participate

J. Social media and its impact both on students, parents, community
1. Jeremy Cali (ADA) presentation

K. Life Beyond Addiction- powerful to hear messages from people of various ages

L. Eating disorders in young adults
1. Intervention and resources

V. Next Meeting Date