Westar Promotes Financial Literacy at CMS/Branch at WGHS

Westar Representatives Talk to CMS StudentsWestar Federal Credit Union continues their efforts of promoting financial literacy with the students in the District. Cindy Kraus recently visited Camillus Middle School’s Career and Financial Management classes equipped with lessons and exercises to educate the students on personal finance and financial literacy. Some of the exercises included balancing check books, writing checks, and reconciling accounts, all of which are basic things that will help the students with future responsibilities.

Westar’s student branch, The Wildcat Branch, opened on October 23, at the the high school. Having a branch in the school run by student volunteers with the assistance of Westar employees provides a great opportunity for students to learn about financial literacy in action. This year the branch is open on Mondays and Fridays during lunch periods, and can be utilized by students and staff of the high school.