West Side Support Forum on Mental Wellness/Substance Abuse

Poster Image about Westside Support ForumOn March 27, the West Side Support Network will be holding a public forum at West Genesee High School from 6:00-8:00 p.m. to help address substance use disorder and mental wellness challenges among children.

Attendees will hear from the top local name in adolescent substance use disorder, Dr. Ross Sullivan, from Upstate University Hospital, followed by Dr. Kristin Botwinik, a top name in the field of child mental health.  Following their keynote addresses, there will be three breakout sessions.

The first will be conducted by our own school social worker, Gayle Mallore, who will discuss mental wellness in schools.

She will be followed by Camillus Police Crisis Intervention Team members who will be speaking about mental health and substance use cases in our school District and community.

Rounding out the evening will be Jordan Eubanks who currently works at Syracuse Behavioral Health and will be talking about what it was like to begin a substance habit while in high school, what his school did and didn’t do to help him, what he did and didn’t do to help himself, jail, and how his life has changed since he found the road to recovery.

In addition, the Prevention Network is hosting a “Hidden Mischief” event where they are creating two bedrooms full of warning signs of substance use and mental wellness concerns.  They have shared that in the years that they have conducted this, fewer than 50% of the items are actually discovered by teachers and parents. Please sign up in advance to take part in this “Hidden Mischief” event by sending an email to scoholan@westgenesee.org.

For more information about the West Side Support Network click here.