WG Athletic Community Receives Sportsmanship Promotion Banner Award, Again!

On June 19, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) announced West Genesee High School (Section III) will be one of four school communities to receive a 2017-2018  Sportsmanship Promotion Banner Award.

The award is presented to schools which have developed proactive approaches in keeping sportsmanship in the forefront with their students, coaches, spectators, and communities.

West Genesee High School is a second time Banner Award winner in 2018.

The topic of sportsmanship is discussed during school’s preseason parent meeting and is part of both the athletic department and coach’s handbook. Prior to all games at West Genesee, a sportsmanship announcement is made to the teams and fans. Teams also engage in various fundraisers to promote sportsmanship such as the More Than a Game Foundation, American Heart Association, Friendship Cup Scholarship, and Upstate Cancer Center.

“The Sportsmanship Banner award reinforces the overall drive behind the Athletic Department here at West Genesee,” said Mike Burns, West Genesee Athletic Director. “We try to instill hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, fair play and giving back to the community within our student-athletes and when setting up their team goals. We want our student-athletes to take ownership of their actions and to represent our community in a positive manner.”

This year marks the 21st year that deserving schools have been recognized by the NYSPHSAA’s Sportsmanship Promotion program, all of which will be honored at the NYSPHSAA’s Central Committee Meeting Luncheon on July 24, 2018.

To read the press release from NYSPHSAA click here.