WG Letter from Supt. and HS Administration to HS Parents/Students

September 30, 2021

Dear West Genesee Students and Parents,

We are writing to check in regarding the events at the High School today. It was a tough day for all. Certainly, the connected emotions and concerns expressed by students was beyond unfortunate. It is our goal to have our students be safe and feel safe at all times.

Please know that the initial incident and connected investigation has resulted in suspensions and scheduled Superintendent Hearings per Education Law Section 3214. Suspended students are prohibited from being on school grounds or at any school events. We will continue to monitor any actions that are in violation of the WG Code of Conduct and/or subject to law enforcement.

The events of today and the resulting emotions lead us to believe it is in the best interest to cancel tomorrow’s Pep Rally. Continuing with the event could  serve as a distraction or cause further unnecessary concern. While we enjoy celebrations, we must maintain a focus on safety and learning.

We look forward to greeting students tomorrow as we open our doors for the scheduled school day.

Thank you,

David C. Bills, Superintendent, West Genesee CSD
Tracy Klefbeck, Principal, West Genesee HS
Greg Lawson, Principal, West Genesee HS
T.J Vaughan, Principal, West Genesee HS