WGHS Front Circle Safety

Dear WGHS Families and Students,

We understand that morning drop-offs have been an added stress to the beginning of the year, and we thank you for your patience. This morning after meeting with members of the Camillus Police Department we have developed a new plan for the front circle. It is imperative that drivers follow the directions of the officers, WGHS staff, and signage in order to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Below you will find a diagram that shows the new traffic pattern.

Please note:

  • Cones will be placed to create two lanes of traffic.
  • You will notice new signage asking you to form two lanes, and keep moving forward until you have reached the “drop off zone.” For the safety of students, do NOT drop off your students until you have reached the “drop off zone.”
  • Once your student has safely exited your vehicle, you will be signaled to exit the “drop off zone.” Please yield to senior student drivers entering school grounds from West Genesee St.

wghs directional signs

There have been far too many close calls with students trying to cross over a lane of traffic to get in the building. Moving all the way to the “drop off zone” will not only help keep students safe crossing, but will also help keep traffic from backing up into West Genesee Street. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as we adjust to the increased number of vehicles. We will continue to make the necessary adjustments and changes as needed to make drop-offs as safe and efficient as possible.

Tracy Klefbeck, Thomas Vaughan, Gregory Lawson, Dana Eells

HS front circle diagram