WGHS Half-Day on October 5-Information

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October 3, 2022

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, and Students,

This is a reminder that Wednesday, October 5, 2022 is a half-day for students who attend classes at WGHS.

All BOCES programs will be running as usual and will be open for a full day on Wednesday, October 5. West Genesee students will be provided transportation in the following way:

  • AM BOCES students will be bussed on a regular morning run to BOCES. The AM  students will return to the high school at 11 AM. Those students will need to make arrangements for their own transportation home due to bus availability.
  • PM BOCES students will be bussed on a regular bus run at 11 AM. Buses will return to the high school at 2:50 PM or drop the students off at home as normal. ALL PM BOCES students who plan to ride the bus should report to Cafe 1 at the half day dismissal time (9:55 AM) and wait for their bus.

Please see below for the half day bell schedule.

WGHS Administration

Half-Day WGHS Schedule

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