WGHS Lockdown Update/Statement to Media from Supt. Bills

Statement to Media from Supt. Bills

The West Genesee High School emergency communication system announced a lockdown at approximately 10:40am. As is procedurally correct and following the District Safety Plan, all students and staff responded appropriately as trained.

The West Genesee High School Resource Officer communicated with other Camillus Police Department Officers who responded to the building immediately. It was determined that the lockdown was initiated by a technical issue with no threat to staff and students.

Regularly scheduled operations resumed at approximately 11:15am following the appropriate release of each individual classroom.

We are proud of our students and staff for their automatic response as is part of our continuous training. We are thankful to the Camillus Police Department for their continued partnership.

A pre scheduled drill that was to occur later in the day, was subsequently cancelled.

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December 21, 2022

Dear WGHS Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, and Students,

This communication is a follow-up to information sent earlier today.

Due to a technical issue, our emergency response system initiated a lockdown. As a result, our staff and students immediately followed our lockdown procedure. Our School Resource Officer, Officer Flint, was on duty and communicated with the Camillus Police Department who responded to the building immediately. After the police arrived, it was determined that the lockdown was initiated by a technical issue, and there was no threat to the students and staff. Emergency personnel and administration announced over the PA system that we would begin unlocking rooms and releasing students from the lockdown.

We know that this can be an upsetting situation for our students, staff, and families. Of course, we want to get information out as quickly as possible, but our priority is and always will be the safety of the students and staff in the building. When a lockdown occurs, our priority is securing the building and working with emergency personnel. As soon as possible, we will communicate our status to families and the community. (This is evidenced by an email and social media statement that was released at 11:10 am.) While we understand parents desire timely communication from the school, especially when the safety of your children is involved, we appreciate your patience. Sometimes we are not able to communicate immediately as we place our primary attention on the safety of the students in our care.


Tracy Klefbeck
West Genesee High School